75% Of Homes Subscribe To Pay TV Service

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Even though pay TV providers are losing customers in record numbers, pay television might not be as dead as you think. New research from the Leichtman Research Group shows that 75% of homes subscribe to pay television in some fashion, including cable, satellite, or Internet delivered service. That’s down 9% from 2014 and  12% from 2009, but still surprisingly strong numbers.

What’s surprising though, is the average amount people are spending – $109.60 a month for subscribers – is up 6% from 2016.

Other highlights of the study include:

  • 60% of pay television subscribers have bundle from their provider – down from 67% in 2014
  • 83% of adults over the age of 45 have a pay television service compared to 64% of those ages 18-44
  • 87% of households with three televisions or more have a pay television service compared to 75% of those that have two televisions, and 52% of those with one television
  • 47% of all TVs have a set-top box, meaning this is the first year since 2010 that set top boxes are connected to less than half of all TVs
  • 27% homes have an over-the-air TV antenna
  • 54% of homes have a pay TV service and a streaming video service, while 21% have pay TV only and service, 20% have streaming only. 5% have neither pay TV nor streaming

So what does this tell us? That since the number of homes that pay for television is roughly the same as the number that receives some kind of streaming service, consumers are just fine piecing together content through different sources. This study was conducted by telephone, including landline and cell phones in September to October of 2019.

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