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About Chris Brantner

For years, Chris has had his finger to the pulse of the streaming industry, following every advance and every change. His journey started in 2015 when he decided he was sick of paying for cable. After seemingly endless research, he finally got his hands on an antenna and a Roku streaming box, canceled his cable subscription, and began his journey saving $50+ each month.

Over the last few years, live streaming has come a long way. From the initial launch of the trailblazing Sling TV, to the entry of big-name players like AT&T, Chris has carefully watched as cord cutting made its way into the mainstream. Along the way,  Chris started Streaming Observer as a way to keep up with the latest happenings in the industry and share his knowledge with readers across the world.

Chris has met with top execs of many of the major streaming services, attended countless industry conferences, and shared his expertise with many high-level publications.

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Chris never would have imagined that what started out as a passion project would eventually consume him and become his full-time job. For over three years, he has lived and breathed the industry, as he has watched the decline of traditional cable and the growth of live streaming. He believes the future is bright, with consumers only having more and more choices for ways to consume the entertainment they require.

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