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Amazon Prime Adds ‘Roseanne,’ ‘3rd Rock From the Sun,’ and Other Classic Sitcoms

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If you’re in dire need of some TV comfort food to beat the heat this August, Amazon Prime has got you covered. Thanks to a new partnership with FilmRise, Amazon Prime subscribers will soon be able to stream a ton of classic sitcoms, including Roseanne3rd Rock From the Sun, and more. The shows will begin rolling out throughout the month of August.

Prime viewers can already access all nine seasons of Roseanne and six seasons of 3rd Rock From the Sun. Honestly, even if the deal only included Roseanne, that’d be a major “get” for Amazon. Roseanne was one of the defining sitcoms of the late ’80s and early ’90s, winning multiple Emmys and Golden Globes, not to mention a Peabody Award. Jumping on the recent bandwagon of nostagia-fueled revivals, ABC has a Roseanne reunion series in the works for 2018, so now’s the perfect time to revisit the show.

As for 3rd Rock From the Sun, it might not have the cultural cachet of Roseanne, but it was just goddamn funny. John Lithgow, Kristen Johnson, French Stewart, and an impossibly young Joseph Gordon-Levitt star as four aliens pretending to be humans in order to observe our species, but not exactly mastering the art of blending in. Throw in the masterful Jane Curtain and you’ve got one of the funniest shows of the ’90s. (Also, William Shatner occasionally shows up as their alien leader, the “Big Giant Head.”)

The other shows due to hit Prime include the Cosby Show spinoff A Different World, the Cybill Shepherd vehicle Cybill, Brett Butler’s Grace Under Fire, and Donal Logue’s blue-collar family comedy Grounded for Life. There are no premiere dates for those in Amazon’s announcement, but they’re all said to be hitting the Prime catalog this month, so keep an eye out (when you’re not bingeing Roseanne, that is).

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