Amazon Prime Video Review: How Does It Compare to the Rest?

When I originally signed up for Amazon Prime it was for the free 2-day shipping. Admittedly, I buy way more than any one person should on Amazon, so I figured the free shipping would at least save me some money. At that point, I had no idea what an integral part of my streaming plans Amazon Prime video would become.

Amazon Prime Video offers hundreds of films in all genres and equally as much, if not more, television content. Full seasons of TV shows are added and there is plenty of premium content available including titles from HBO and Showtime. Everything from documentaries to horror films are available in abundance. Shows are updated monthly with small additions or removals as catalogs are updated.

Amazon’s interface varies depending on the device you’re using it on. I use it on Xbox 360 and Xbox One more than anything and it is easy to navigate. If I had one negative it would be that they could make it easier to find the best Prime content. The reason I say that is because titles tend to repeat in the search results rather than showing a full selection of titles. Other devices you can access Amazon prime video on include Roku, Smart TVs, cell phones, Amazon Fire devices, Chromecast, and other streaming devices.

Amazon Prime Video Features

amazon prime video interface

Amazon Prime offers so many great features and in most cases, if you subscribe to Amazon prime video, you have access to the variety of prime services. Beyond two-day shipping you receive the full Amazon prime video library and over a million songs and albums in the Amazon Prime music library. If you’re into audiobooks and sign up to Audible, you get a free audiobook each month as part of your membership. You also get special sale offers and pre-sale offers that are only open to Prime members. In terms of Amazon prime video, you can play videos on different devices at the same time, so if you have multiple people sharing an account no one should get kicked out when you’re watching something.

One thing I would love to see Amazon add is multiple profiles for accounts. Unfortunately, you get one watchlist and that’s it. You can sign up for Amazon Household and that will give you the ability to share Prime video and have separate watchlists, but that has its downsides, as well. For example, I own hundreds of movies and TV shows on Amazon. These movies are available in my video library, which is accessible in the same area as the Prime videos. If anyone in my family uses Amazon Household to create their own watchlist, they do not have access to those videos – only the Prime options. So, you can’t truly share all of your videos. However, if they made multiple profiles available through one account it would be. Multiple people have been hoping for this addition to the service, so hopefully it will be added soon.

Amazon Prime Video Add-On Subscriptions

amazon subscriptions

One of the cool things about Amazon Prime Video is the add-on subscriptions. Like Hulu offers Showtime at a discounted price, Amazon has dozens of Add-on subscriptions ranging in price and function. While Showtime and Starz are the most popular options, there are several others, and when most of them are under $5 they are certainly worth considering purchasing. Not only that, but each add-on offers its own free trial, so you can experience the subscription before you pay for it. Other worthwhile subscriptions include Acorn TV, SeeSo, Shudder, and Tribeca Shortlist, though there are tons of subscriptions in all different genres.

How Much Does Amazon Prime Video Cost?

If you are considering signing up for Amazon prime video, cost varies depending on the package that you choose. The original Prime package is an annual cost of $99 a year. To put that in perspective it works out to around $8.75 a month, which really makes Amazon prime video one of the best deals in streaming. That said, if you don’t want to pay annually, or can’t afford it, Amazon now offers monthly options.

You can choose Amazon Prime monthly or Amazon Prime Video monthly. The entire service is $10.99 a month and just the video service is $8.99. This still makes the service one of the best deals in streaming, though obviously you get the best deal with the annual pricing.

The Amazon Prime Free Trial Offer

The Amazon prime free trial last 30 days, which is pretty generous. While most services will give you a week, a month gives you plenty of time to explore the entire Amazon prime video catalog. Not only that, but you’ll have time to test and enjoy the other Amazon services, as well.


The entire purpose of this Amazon prime video review is to determine whether or not the service is worth it. In all honesty, for the money you pay, Amazon prime video is becoming one of the best options in streaming. If you were on the fence before reading this Amazon prime video review, I definitely recommend signing up for the trial to at least try out the service. The fact that they have exclusive rights to numerous BBC shows, including Doctor Who, makes Amazon prime worth checking out.

Ashtyn Evans

Ashtyn Evans

Ashtyn Evans is a screenwriter and freelance writer from the Midwest. She owns nearly a thousand films on Amazon and holds streaming subscriptions to everything from HBO and Hulu to Showtime and Starz. Email her at
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Ashtyn Evans

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