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DIRECTV NOW is a popular streaming platform that offers over 65 channels to watch live – including C-Span. Try it free for 7 days!

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If you’re interested in politics, it’s likely that you hold on to your cable because of news networks. You need to know what’s going on and when it’s happening. If you’re really into politics, you might take things a step further and watch C-Span. Watching the government in action can be a fascinating and sometimes frustrating activity, but it’s also important to many people. If you’re one of those people, we’re here to tell you that you don’t need to hold on to your cable anymore, because you can watch C-Span online without it! Learn how to get the CSPAN live stream in the guide below.

That’s right, where C-Span is concerned, cable is optional! This guide will tell you how to watch C-Span without cable. From the C-Span live stream to any other options, if you can watch C-Span online, we will tell you how!


Watch the C-Span Live Stream on DIRECTV NOW

Get it all with DIRECTV NOW’s broad channel lineup

DIRECTV NOW is the best way available to watch C-Span streaming without cable. For just $40 a month you’ll start with the base package of over 65 channels. If that’s not enough for you, DIRECTV NOW has multiple packages with as many as 120+ channels to choose from. If you like news, you’re definitely covered. Not only will you be able to stream C-Span, you can also watch Bloomberg, CNN, MSNBC, and FOX News.

There are plenty of channels that aren’t news-oriented, too. Sports fans can enjoy ESPN and Big Ten Network. Kids will have multiple Disney channels, more than one Nickelodeon option, and Boomerang. If you like reality based content you’ve got Discovery, Food Network, History, and even channels like OWN and Oxygen. And if you like movies, you can add HBO for just $5 a month! DIRECTV NOW even includes local channels in select markets. With DIRECTV NOW, you can watch CSPAN on on Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, mobile devices, and other streaming options.

More Channels, More Options

directv now

DIRECTV NOW provides a ton of value to subscribers. Here are some highlights:

  • Watch live TV on more than 65 channels
  • No contract or commitment
  • $40 per month
  • Works on all your favorite devices
  • Stream live news, sports, TV shows and more

Signing up is simple and if you don’t like it, you can cancel online with no hassle. Our full review has more information about those and other DIRECTV NOW details. Currently, DIRECTV NOW is the only way to stream CSPAN online that we area aware of.

DIRECTV NOW offers a free 7-day trial to all new customers!


Other Ways to Watch C-Span Online

CSPAN Hearing

While does offer live stream feeds to each C-Span channel, you need a cable subscribers’ login to access those C-Span live stream feeds. Unfortunately, that means that if you really want to watch C-Span streaming online you’ll need DIRECTV NOW to do so.

Streaming services do change their lineups quite a bit though, so it is possible that other streaming services will add C-Span coverage. For now, your only option to watch C-Span online without cable is DIRECTV NOW.

If you have any questions about how to stream C-Span just leave them in the comments! If you’re curious about other news channels, check out our guide on how to watch the news online.

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  • Enzo Scoiattolo says:

    I hate to tell yo this, but DIRECTV *IS* a cable subscription! The whole concept of “packages” and paying $30+ a month is going by the wayside. Someone needs put put a final nail in the “Cable TV” coffin!

  • Ginavon says:

    And everyone is wondering why so many people are tuning into RT (Russian TV)? Because:
    1. Its free!
    2. Its straight news with very little opinion of the moderators
    3. No sluts …that look and talk that blonde from CNN that got fired!

  • Ginavon says:

    Many US citizens are becoming homeless and cannot even access internet much less pay to find out what their government is actually doing….

  • Judith Davis says:

    We the people should be able to see what our government is doing. What are you hiding? I think we are beginning to find out. C-Spam or whatever should be offered as a free, broadcast channel nation wide, just like ABC, CBS, or NBC. The news media doesn’t tell us the truth. We need to see for ourselves.

  • Stefania Castelli says:

    Actually, since prices reached a not affordable level, the only positive aspect of this “cable-free” AT&T service is the C-SPAN (1 and 2…. but not 3) streaming.
    I switched to Slingo, after a year of for their quality/price service, for a DVR system free from bugs, and an easier and faster interface; after one year of beta testing, Cloud DVR still remain full of defects and a user can’t count on it. Can’t understand the “policy” at AT&T. Very sad.

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