How to Watch CSN Philadelphia Live Stream Online without Cable

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CSN Philadelphia Live Stream

If you live in Philadelphia, there’s a really good chance you’re a sports fans. The Philadelphia area has some of the best fans in the entire country and teams in every sport fear going on the road to Philly. The passion is obvious if you spend even one second in Philly, which is why fans will be happy to hear how easy it’ll be to get a CSN Philadelphia live stream without cable.

The Philadelphia Flyers, Philadelphia Phillies, and the Philadelphia 76ers all call CSN Philadelphia their home. Being able to watch that station without cable means for many people there’s no longer a decent reason to overpay for their cable package. A lot of people put up with the outrageous prices because they didn’t want to miss games, but there’s no reason to do that anymore.

If you do want to watch CSN Philadelphia online, you’ll actually have a couple options on how you can get the channel live streaming. FuboTV and PlayStation Vue are two different streaming services that offer the channel as part of their packages. There are more details on each below, so keep reading to get set up to watch games all year long!


PlayStation Vue – A Great Way to Watch a CSN Philadelphia Live Stream

PlayStation Vue is a service offered by Sony that’ll be your first option to get CSN Philadelphia streaming. Like many other streaming services you just pay a monthly subscription cost, but with PlayStation Vue instead of streaming on-demand content you get to actually watch popular cable channels live stream. And, if you’re in the broadcast area you’ll be able to get your Comcast Sportsnet live stream alongside a bunch of other channels.

The package needed to watch Comcast Sportsnet online has more than 60 channels in total. The “Core” package costs $34.99 per month and there’s no contract required for a subscription. Plus, your subscription gets you access to PlayStation Vue’s cloud DVR. This can be used to record games and watch them up to a month later at your convenience.

There’s a free trial on PlayStation Vue, so you can starting watching a CSN Philadelphia live stream today! Also, you can head over to our PlayStation Vue review if you have any more questions.


Another Option to Watch a CSN Philadelphia Live Stream is FuboTV

CSN Philadelphia Live Stream

FuboTV is another streaming service that is set up very similar to PlayStation Vue. It will also get you CSN Philadelphia streaming. As long as you live in the area, the channel will be a part of the $34.99 per month starting package on fuboTV. You can start a weeklong free trial if you want to test out the service and watch CSN Philadelphia online free now.

There’s a cloud DVR on fuboTV as well, so this is another way to record games to watch later. Also, the starting package has over 80 channels, which is a huge amount for a streaming service. There’s a bunch of sports channels in there, so you’ll always have something to watch.

Head over to our fuboTV review for more details!


What Teams Can You Watch Live With Your CSN Philadelphia Live Stream?

Here are the teams you’ll be able to watch if you can get CSN Philadelphia Streaming:

NHL: Philadelphia Flyers

NBA: Philadelphia 76ers

MLB: Philadelphia Phillies


If you’re thinking about cutting cable, you’ll want to know how to watch as much sporting events as possible. Check out our full sports guide for tons of details on watching all your favorite teams.

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