CuriosityStream Review: What Does the Nonfiction Streaming Service Offer?

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curiositystream review

CuriosityStream has been dubbed as the “Netflix” for documentaries. This new streaming service specializes in videos that deal with the real world and how thing work. CuriosityStream manages to fulfill a specific niche that hasn’t really been filled thus far. They offer over 1,500 videos ranging in familiarity and length, with many of them qualifying as short films. If you’re a fan of documentaries something like CuriosityStream allows you to block out all of the other noise and concentrate on your interests. You know that every film added will be something interesting and/or educational. In addition to commissioned works, CuriosityStream also offers original videos by BBC and other companies.

I admit, before doing this CuriosityStream review, I didn’t know too much about this service. While I had heard of it, I’d never used it, and wasn’t too sure what it offered. So, I tried the free 30 day trial, and I’m glad I did!

Despite not being interested in documentaries (at least not in comparison to fictional content), I found several interesting movies, and series that did not seem to be available elsewhere.

The categories start off like you’d find on Netflix. You have the Recently Added category, which has newer titles including (as of this review) Casey’s Wild Backyard, Science Shorts, Curious Minds: Music, and JFK: Fact & Fable. There’s also the Trending category with options like Holy War, Invisible Universe, and Science vs. God.

Then you get into different categories that you probably won’t see in other streaming services. You find categories like Human Spirit, Civilization, Science, and Technology. And these bring you titles like Frank Sinatra Or America’s Golden Age, Annihilation: The Destruction of Europe’s Jews, Art of America, and Dark Secret of the Cosmos. There is even a category called Social Web that fills your curiosity on all things Internet.

See, that’s the ultimate point of CuriosityStream. It’s to give you endless amounts of content to satisfy any curiosities that you might have. If you’re looking to learn about anything technology, science, or even religion based, this is definitely the service for you! It’s not going to be a service for everyone, but if you have a curious mind, you’ll love CuriosityStream. Overall, it’s got a simple interface, and fun programming that will appeal to a large niche group looking for something different in the streaming world.

CuriosityStream works with a wide variety of streaming devices including Apple and Android devices, Roku, Chromecast, and Amazon Fire devices. This means you can watch CuriosityStream from pretty much anywhere, as it works with both streaming and mobile devices.

CuriosityStream Cost

If you’re on the fence about CuriosityStream, cost might end up being a defining factor no matter which way you choose. Packages start at $2.99 and go up from there based on if you want things like HD content. However, the $2.99 monthly gives you access to all the movies and series available. So it’s possible to pay only a few dollars a month and get the entire CuriosityStream lineup. As long as you’re not concerned with things like HD, you can enjoy the service for next to nothing.

The CuriosityStream Free Trial

Most streaming services offer you a chance to test out the service before you become a paying member. The CuriosityStream free trial lasts for a full month. It begins the moment you set up your account, and you won’t be charged until the full 30-days are up. If you decide you want to cancel it is a hassle free experience. As long as you cancel during your free trial, you won’t be charged. It’s as simple as going into your account information and clicking cancel. Otherwise, your paid membership will begin 30 days after you sign up.

Another option, if you’re an Amazon Prime member, is to add CuriosityStream to your Prime membership by purchasing CuriosityStream that way. You can add it for a few dollars a month and you still receive a trial through Amazon. The plus side to this is that you have one less streaming service to deal with. You get the benefit of two services in one membership.

CuriosityStream Review Conclusion

I didn’t know much about this service before beginning this CuriosityStream review. All in all, if you’re a big documentary fan this is a decent option for you. You’ll get loads of content you can’t get anywhere else, and the interface is both pleasing to the eye and easy to use. For the price, you certainly won’t get a better deal. So, documentary fans should definitely check out CuriosityStream.

Click here to try CuriosityStream free for 30 days.

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  • Kevin says:

    Agree the content is decent unfortunately the customer service (they appear to have very little authority) and billing practices are much more in line with some much shadier companies.My example: The annual renewal takes effect at the minute you sign up +1 year. I signed up at 12:48PM on July 15th and then cancelled at 2PM on July 15th the following year – no refund is available for the next year (year 2) despite my obvious intention – only the date is mentioned in their policy but CS is clearly very limited in authority, and just quotes the policy but insist the intent is the timestamp. Additionally my card was charged prior to the 1 year mark so I am not sure they would actually honor that practice- I would avoid this company based on this payment practice.

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