DIRECTV NOW Review: Channel Lineup, Features, Price, and More

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DIRECTV NOW is a cable TV alternative from AT&T. DIRECTV NOW is live and available to anyone across the country (and data-free for AT&T Wireless customers). Joining the world of services perfect for cord cutters, DIRECTV NOW will directly compete with services like Sling TV and PlayStation Vue. And, without all the hassle that comes from cable or satellite services, the DIRECTV NOW option is more affordable for those who want to cut the cord.

DIRECTV NOW is fully launched and available nationwide. It’s continually evolving and expanding as the service grows, with new channels being added regularly. Streaming Observer has had an opportunity to create this DIRECTV NOW review to help you in your purchase decision.

Keep reading our DIRECTV NOW review to learn everything you need to know about the service, from the DIRECTV NOW channel lineup to the cost, players, and features. And, as always, you can start now with a FREE 7-day trial of DIRECTV NOW.



DIRECTV NOW is a streaming television service designed to compete with Sling TV and PlayStation Vue. The DIRECTV NOW cost starts at $35 per month for their basic package, including over 60 channels. Compared to similar services, DIRECTV NOW pricing is quite reasonable – and compared to cable, it’s a huge bargain.

There are various other DIRECTV NOW packages available, ranging up to 120+ channels! It is significantly more affordable than cable, and better yet, it’s contract free – which means you can cancel at any time. Remember, you can try DIRECTV NOW free for 7 days to test out the service, so click here to try it now.


What is the DIRECTV NOW Channels Lineup?

Now that DIRECTV NOW is fully launched, we have more information about the DIRECTV NOW channel lineup and the different packages available. The complete DIRECTV NOW channel list is available below. Keep in mind that there are several different DIRECTV NOW plans, which are aimed at different types of subscribers.

We are currently looking at 4 different channel packages, making the DIRECTV NOW price range from $35 to $70 a month. These packages are:

As you can see, the DIRECTV NOW channel lineup is very customizable depending on your needs and wants. Whether you want to watch NFL online or live stream The Walking Dead, there is a good mix of DIRECTV NOW plans, with one that should fit your needs exactly.

For many, the basic package will be sufficient, but for those that want more selection, there is some excellent value to be had in the larger DIRECTV NOW packages. Also, note that ALL of the DIRECTV NOW packages offer a free 7-day trial, so you can test any of them out for free. And, unlike cable, DIRECTV NOW pricing does not vary or go up – the price you see is the price you will pay each month, AND you can cancel at any time because it’s a non-contract service! DIRECTV NOW streaming is very flexible since you can use it on most devices.

Note: CBS, CBSSN, Pop, The CW, and Showtime are coming soon to select markets in select packages.


Can I get DIRECTV NOW Local Channels?

Cord cutters who are aware of the current systems on the market definitely have questions about how to stream local channels. Most of DIRECTV NOW channels can be streamed nationwide, there are just a few on the DIRECTV NOW channels lineup that are only available in limited viewing areas.

  • FOX – FOX is available live in select markets, mostly in bigger cities.
    • FOX next-day, on-demand streaming is available nationwide
  • NBC – NBC is available in select markets, mostly in bigger cities
    • NBC next-day, on-demand streaming is available nationwide
  • ABC – ABC is available in select markets, mostly in bigger cities
    • ABC next-day, on-demand streaming is available nationwide.
  • CBS – CBS is set to be available in select markets, mostly in bigger  cities.
  • The CW – CW is set to be available in select markets, mostly in bigger  cities.

The DIRECTV NOW channels list doesn’t provide complete details about which cities where these networks are available, but you can always start out by checking out the network availability with DIRECTV NOW.


How Much Does DIRECTV NOW Cost?

The pricing for the basic package with DIRECTV NOW starts at $35 per month. This is slightly more expensive than their main competitor, Sling TV, but not by much. The base package includes over 60 networks, and users can add on other packages on top of it, including premium channels. This is similar to Sling TV’s genre-specific add-on packages, which is a great way for users to customize their service to their own interests.

You can find more info about the DIRECTV NOW price in our guide. You can start with a FREE 7-day trial of DIRECTV NOW to see for yourself.


How Can You Watch DIRECTV NOW At Home or On the Go?

DIRECTV NOW is now quite established, and works on the majority of devices. DIRECTV NOW can be streamed on:

  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Apple TV
  • Roku
  • Chromecast
  • Google-cast enabled LeEco TVs
  • Vizio SmarrtCast displays
  • iOS devices (iPhone/iPad)
  • Android devices (phones/tablets)
  • Web browsers

Roku was recently added to the DIRECTV NOW device support, so it’s now possible to watch live TV on Roku using this service.


DIRECTV NOW Review: Key Features

As you imagine, most service reviews like to recap some of the special features the product offers. This DIRECTV NOW review is no different. Here are some special things you might want to know about.

3-day catchup – Many of the channels, but unfortunately not all of them, will have a 72-hour window to catch up on shows you’ve missed. This way you can go back and watch new shows within 3 days of airing.

No contract – You will never be locked in to more than one month at a time, and it’s very easy to cancel DIRECTV NOW if you decide to do so.

2 concurrent streams – You can watch up to two concurrent streams. If you have more than two people vying for TV time, you may want to consider more than one account. Otherwise, share away.

Easy transition from cable – DIRECTV NOW provides an easy transition from cable or satellite. The DIRECTV NOW channels lineup is present in a grid format, much like traditional television. So, for new cord-cutters, the switch should be an easy one.

No data usage – AT&T mobile users won’t be charged for data they use to watch DIRECTV NOW streaming. Note that this is only for AT&T subscribers, as users with other cell providers will still be charged for data usage.

No DVR currently – There is not currently an option for a cloud-based DVR, but the service plans on adding that feature sometime in the next year. We’ll let you know if a DIRECTV NOW DVR feature is added.

No DIRECTV NOW gift card currently – For those looking to gift DIRECTV NOW to a friend or family member, unfortunately, there are not currently any DIRECTV NOW gift cards.


Is There a DIRECTV NOW Free Trial?

Yes, there is! Now that you’ve read our complete DIRECTV NOW review, all that is left is to try it out for a FREE 7-day trial today! And remember, since DIRECTV NOW is contract-free, you can take advantage of the DIRECTV NOW free trial and be free to cancel DIRECTV NOW at any time – no commitment required.

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  • Karen Wolter says:

    What are you doing to provide your customers with CBS ? Why hasn’t this issue been resolved? It is a big disruption for local news and school information!

  • Jch2 says:

    Just checked my smart Vizio m601d for an App to stream Directv Now. None were found… Where are these found?

  • Tom Brian says:

    @karen Wolter CBS will not be easily added and that is CBS fault.
    Viacom, the company that owns CBS, sells a streaming plan for CBS for $5.99/month for the channel and on-demand content from CBS. They want to make bigger money from the consumer and do not want to participate in streaming offerings from DIRECTV NOW, YOUTUBE, SLING or others.

  • Clara says:

    We tried Direct TV Now BUT canceled the service before the 7 days were up. Why? The Guide is horrible. It moves VERY choppy, not smooth at all like Sling and I hated seeing a show playing behind the guide on Direct TV Now. Direct TV Now has the channels we want but lack of a DVR is a deal breaker because my husband can’t see his shows live, due to work. I think Sling has a GREAT Price, DVR AND Sling allows you to adjust your internet usage, Sling Has a GREAT 7 day guide. Direct TV Now doesn’t do any of that. But Sling lacks 3 channels we want. IF Sling added those 3 channels we wouldn’t consider moving to another service but I doubt they will since Sling has been around a long time and hasn’t added them yet. Those channels are TLC, ID and Animal Planet. Bottom line: IF Direct TV Now improved the guide, offered a DVR, allowed you to adjust your internet usage without raising their rate we would switch to DTN and so would numerous people I’ve spoken to.

  • Beverly says:

    How do I talk to someone at Directv Now?
    How do I leave a message to contact me?
    Thank you

  • Patty says:

    I am trying to directv now for the first time and I wanted to wAtch the new episodes of pit bulls and parolees that I missed well of course can’t get them

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