How to Watch ESPN2 Live Stream Online without Cable

espn2 live stream

You can’t go very far before you find multiple sister networks to already popular stations. One of the earliest, and most successful examples, was ESPN2. To give the fans what they wanted – more sports coverage – they launched the network in 1993. Covering major sports news and airing hard to find games is what makes the ESPN2 live stream essential for fans.

But many fans may be concerned about the ability to watch ESPN2 online if they don’t have access to cable. Sports fans are among the most reluctant to give up cable because it is often difficult to find the same coverage streaming.

But here is how you can still stream ESPN2 after you’ve cut the cord.


Check out DIRECTV NOW to Watch an ESPN2 Live Stream

espn2 live stream

Here we have an up-and-coming streaming service from AT&T called DIRECTV NOW. Since DIRECTV has been an established brand for a long time, more hard-to-find networks have joined up to offer streaming, including ESPN2. And although you may associate DIRECTV with dish, you don’t need one or even a contract with them to get DIRECTV NOW. All you need is a strong internet connection and a device to play it from.

Starting at $35 per month for 60+ channels, you can watch DIRECTV NOW from a streaming player on your television, or anywhere that you can connect to the internet with a data plan, be that on your phone, laptop, or tablet.

There aren’t any mobile restrictions at this time, and if you are an AT&T cell customer, streaming from the DIRECTV NOW app will not count against your data!

While more streaming players will be added soon, DIRECTV NOW currently offers support for Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV. If you’d like, you can pre-pay up to three months of service in order to get one of these devices for free.

This deal is subject to change, so be sure to check their website for more info, as well as to grab your free trial.

Give the service a test run and see what you think. For even more details about DIRECTV NOW, you can find our review of this great new service here.

Watch the ESPN2 Live Stream on Sling TV

espn2 live stream

There are few cable replacement options as complete as Sling TV. And that is especially true for sports fans. You can watch ESPN2 without cable if you have a Sling TV Orange subscription. The network is included in this basic package, which starts at only $20 per month with no contract.

Sling TV is also easy to watch. Cable providers always made watching TV inaccessible from anywhere but your own television set. Even with new apps for many of the networks, they can be cumbersome to access when you’re not at home. But with Sling TV, you can watch ESPN2 online right from your computer or smart device.

Sling TV also works with a number of the most popular players on the market. You can watch ESPN2 streaming on your TV with a Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, or Xbox One.

Remember, ESPN2 carries a ton of live sports (including an NBA Playoffs live stream for many games) as well as original shows and commentary. It’s basically essential for sports fans.

Check out which interface works best for you and your viewing style and you can make it happen inexpensively. Sling TV often has deals with Apple TV or Roku, so see if you can get a discount or a free player when you sign up.

Start with a free 7 day trial of Sling TV.


Watch Other Favorite Networks on Sling TV

espn2 live stream

That isn’t all you get on Sling TV. As you might imagine, the ESPN parent network is also available. You will also be able to watch ESPN3 with the service.

And if you add the Sports Extra package for just $5 more each month you can get ESPNU and ESPNews as well as some of the college football conference networks, like SEC Network, and more.

And sure, you’re most concerned about watching ESPN2 online and other sports networks, but there is more to cutting the cord than just sports.

With Sling TV you get a huge selection of other hard to find networks. Keep up with all of your favorites on HGTV, Food Network, and the Travel Channel.

Watch American Horror Story on FX or The Walking Dead on AMC. Watch seasonal favorites with Freeform’s 25 Days of Christmas or 13 Days of Halloween each year. (Freeform is the new name for ABC Family, buy the way.)
You can get even more info here in our Sling TV review.


Watch ESPN2 Online with PlayStation Vue

espn2 live stream

Another popular live streaming service is Sony’s PlayStation Vue. In many ways, it is similar to the other services, offering live streaming of popular channels (like the ESPN networks) to your devices. And there’s no contract.

Vue is available on a most streaming players, including the PS3 or PS4 consoles, Chromecast, Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV. You can also watch on iOS or Android devices, but there may be some restrictions when you try to stream away from home.

Here is our complete review of PlayStation Vue.

If you’re looking for the best way to watch ESPN2 without cable, we hope you found your solution here. What else do you want to know? Feel free to ask more questions below.

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