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With Hulu Live TV, you can watch the Fiesta Bowl without cable and enjoy 50+ live channels. Get a free 7 day trial!

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With Sling TV, you can stream the Fiesta Bowl on a budget (plans from just $25/mo). It’s free to try for 7 days!

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With DIRECTV NOW, you can access one of the largest channel selections available without cable. Free for 7 days!

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The Fiesta Bowl is always one of the most compelling games of the bowl season. This year should be epic, as UCF takes on LSU. If you’re a football fan, you won’t want to miss out. The good news is you can get a legal Fiesta Bowl live stream to watch the entire game, even if you don’t have cable.

You can watch the Fiesta Bowl without cable, even though it’s on ESPN. There are a few services that carry ESPN streaming in their lineup. Some even offer free trials, so you can watch the Fiesta Bowl free along with the other bowl games!


Watch UCF vs LSU via Hulu Live TV

Hulu with Live TV is one of the most popular live streaming options for sports fans. For $40 a month, you can sign up and enjoy live streaming access to more than 50 of TV’s most popular channels, including ESPN. Since ESPN is set to host the Fiesta Bowl, the action will air live on Hulu as well!

In addition to the solid lineup of live TV channels, Hulu also offers an impressive on-demand library for all your binge-watching needs. There’s no contract to sign, either, so you can cancel at any time. Read our Hulu Live review to learn more.

Right now, you can start with a free 7 day trial of Hulu Live TV!


Get a Fiesta Bowl Live Stream from AT&T’s DIRECTV NOW

Fiesta Bowl Live Stream

DIRECTV NOW is one of the best ways to get a Fiesta Bowl live stream. ESPN is one of the channels you can stream if you sign up for the service now.

The service only costs $40 per month for a robust channels lineup. The service is streamed over your internet connection to a variety of devices, similar to Netflix and other streaming services. There’s no contract, and you can cancel any time.

You can also use it to watch Fiesta Bowl online free with the 7-day free trial. You can also use the free trial to watch all the other bowl games free this week.

Our review on the service will answer any other questions you might have!


Test out Sling TV for a Fiesta Bowl Live Stream

Fiesta Bowl Live Stream

Sling TV is a streaming service from Dish Network that will offer a Fiesta Bowl stream. The starting price of Sling TV is $25 per month for the Sling Orange package. This comes with about 25 live streaming cable channels including several ESPN channels. Subscription wise it’ll be the cheapest option for a Fiesta Bowl stream.

Any channels on Sling TV can be watched on your TV with a streaming device like Roku, Chromecast, or Apple TV. Sling TV also has a 7-day free trial, so it’s another way to watch a Fiesta Bowl stream free!

Our Sling TV review has even more information on the service.


Watch Fiesta Bowl Without Cable via YouTube TV

YouTube TV is another solid option for Fiesta Bowl streaming. At $40 a month for 50+ channels, the service offers good value and a lot of entertainment options. Since ESPN is included, it will be easy to watch all the bowl games this season.

To learn more about this new service, read through our full review. You can also start with a free 7 day trial!


PlayStation Vue – Another Way to Watch a Fiesta Bowl Live Stream

Fiesta Bowl Live Stream

PlayStation Vue is a great streaming service and viable option for a Fiesta Bowl live stream. ESPN is included in the starting package, which costs $44.99 per month. There are over 45 channels included to live stream in the starting package. You can learn more about the specific channels and more in our PlayStation Vue review.

PlayStation Vue also offers a free trial so you can test out the service.


Fiesta Bowl Schedule & Game Preview

Fiesta Bowl Live Stream

The 2019 Fiesta Bowl kicks off at 1:00 PM E.T. on Tuesday, January 1st, 2019. The game will air on ESPN, but you can watch it with any of the services described above.

Looking at the game preview, UCF likely has an edge as they come off a 25-game winning streak. That said, it should be a relatively well-matched game, and should be a lot of fun to watch!

This bowl game is always a must see, so you don’t want to miss out. If you have any questions about how to watch the Fiesta Bowl online without cable, let us know by commenting below.

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