How to Watch FOX News Live Stream Online without Cable

fox news live stream

Our culture is obsessed with the 24 hour news cycle. With world news, political news, and happenings every day, it is no wonder that people are concerned about cutting the cord. Without access to the FOX News live stream, how can you possible keep up?

While the choices are limited, there is some good news for people who want to ditch cable but still have everything they love about FOX news. Here is how you can watch FOX News online.


Watch Fox News Online with DIRECTV NOW

One of the newest ways to watch Fox News online with a cable subscription is with DIRECTV NOW. DIRECTV NOW is a live streaming service that offers a minimum of 60 channels for just $35 a month. If you’ve been holding on to cable afraid to cut the cord, you’ll find that DIRECTV NOW is a true cable replacement. The only difference is that DIRECTV NOW is much cheaper than cable and the only equipment you need is a streaming device, computer, or mobile device. You won’t need a cable box or satellite dish. DIRECTV NOW has a great guide, plenty of channels, and none of the mobile restrictions that come with PlayStation Vue.

You’ll have your pick of good channels to watch out of the numerous package options that are available. Some channels that you might have include AMC, Discovery, ESPN, Food Network, Fox News, History, MTV, VH1, and USA. In select markets you’ll receive some local channels. If you want more movie channels, you can take your pick between HBO or Cinemax for just $5 a month, or you can add both! DIRECTV NOW works with streaming devices like Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and Chromecast. It also works with mobile devices and computers.

You can try out DIRECTV NOW with the 7-day DIRECTV NOW free trial. This gives you a chance to test the benefits for yourself.

Want to learn more? Check out our DIRECTV NOW review. And of course, don’t forget to sign up for that free trial! DIRECTV NOW is definitely the easiest way to watch FOX News live without cable.


Watch FOX News Live Stream on PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue review

Another way to watch FOX News streaming live is PlayStation Vue, a product of Sony. Vue’s chief competition, Sling TV, does not offer the FOX News live stream, so this is your best consideration. You can stream FOX News and dozens of other pay TV networks for one monthly free. FOX News and the rest of the FOX family of networks are all available on the basic package with options depending on your location.

Depending on where you are, the basic package starts at $30 or $40 per month.

You can stream FOX News and the rest of the channels you love on streaming players like your PS3 or PS4 consoles, Amazon Fire TV, Roku (Vue is a great way to watch live TV on Roku), or Chromecast. They do not have support for Apple TV yet. They also offer iOS and Android apps, but there are some limitations with those.

Your PlayStation Vue account is tied to your home network, so streaming while on the go is restricted. Even with the mobile apps, what you can watch away from home will be limited.

To learn more about PlayStation Vue and how to watch FOX News online without cable, read our review here.


Which Shows Can You Watch on FOX News Streaming?

If you decide to pick up DIRECTV NOW or PlayStaton Vue for the ability to watch FOX News without cable, here are some of the shows you can watch.

  • FOX and Friends
  • The Kelly File
  • The Five
  • Outnumbered
  • On the Record
  • Hannity
  • The O’Reilly Factor
  • FOX News Watch

And so much more. With DIRECTV NOW or Vue, you can watch all of these shows online, live, right when they air. So you don’t have to wait for your news or miss out on important announcements or facts.


Can You Watch FOX News Online Free?

If signing up for DIRECTV NOW or PlayStation Vue isn’t something you’re looking to do, it is possible you can stream FOX News programming online. will have some current news video clips, but not typically complete programs. This can help you keep up with breaking news, but not much more. The content changes often and you won’t get a complete FOX news live stream for free.


Other Ways to Watch FOX News Without Cable?

You may have heard about the stand-alone news app FOX News Go from the FOX News stream. The service is not yet available to cord cutters. You will still need credentials from a cable or satellite provider to log into the app. However, Vue customers will be able to log in with their credentials to make use of the app and enjoy FOX News streaming.

We mentioned that Sling TV has not yet offered FOX News live stream, but they do often update their networks. There is also a possibility that the upcoming VIDGO will choose to stream FOX News live.

That’s what we have as far as a solution to watch FOX News without cable. To learn more, feel free to ask questions in the comments below.

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