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fuboTV price

fuboTV started as a sports streaming service, offering various sports but specializing in soccer. As any sports fan knows, finding an abundance of sports live streams that are legal can be difficult, but this is where fuboTV excels. The fuboTV price is comparable to other streaming services, but the package is filled with sports options alongside many of the more common entertainment options that come with other streaming services.

How much does fuboTV cost? If you’re looking for the short answer it’s $45/month. The fuboTV cost is free of hidden fees or any added costs. If you get the base package without any add-ons (we’ll talk add-ons below) the fuboTV price is $45/month and nothing more. How much is fuboTV with add-ons? Well that depends largely on which add-ons you choose. Some are only a few dollars, and others are as much as $15/month.


How Much does fuboTV Cost: Base Package

The fuboTV cost for the basic package is $45/month. The first month is discounted to $40, but after that the price will be $45 per month. It includes more than 75 channels and while there are some cable channels, we tend to recommend fuboTV for sports fans because there are a lot of sports channels in the mix. In fact, fuboTV is so sports-centric that if you visit the fuboTV page, you’ll find a schedule of the sports set to air that day for a host of sports ranging from NBA, NHL, and College Basketball to Premiere League, UEFA Europa League, and LaLiga. You’ll even have the NASCAR schedule along with a host of other soccer leagues.

So, what’s available in the basic package for the fuboTV cost of $45/month? You’ll receive these networks:

channels in fuboTV base package

Note that local channels vary depending on where you live. Some areas don’t get coverage of NBC/FOX/CBS/etc, but most do. Check the full fuboTV channels list for details.


fubo Extra Package

For those craving a bit more selection, there’s the fubo Extra package. This costs $50 per month (discounted to $45 for the first month). It adds an extra 20 channels on top of what’s included in the base package, for a total of 105+ networks. Some highlights include:

  • Cooking Channel
  • DIY Network
  • BBC World News
  • People TV
  • Boomerang
  • and much more!


Foreign Language Packages

In addition to the two base packages in English, fuboTV offers two foreign language packages. These are¬†standalone services, meaning you don’t need to have the base package in order to subscribe (unlike the add-on channels described below).

fubo Latino Р$17.99/mo for 15+ channels

fubo Portugues – $19.99/mo for 5 channels


So, How Much is fuboTV with Add-on Channels?

The answer to that depends on the add-on channels you choose. Here are your options:

fubo Cycling – 6 channels for $11.99/mo

International Sports Plus – 5 channels for $5.99/mo

Sports Plus – 17 channels for $8.99/mo

Adventure Plus – 6 channels for $4.99/mo

SHOWTIME – 9 channels for $10.99/mo

Portuguese Plus – 3 channels for $14.99/mo

Mundo Plus – 6 channels for $5.99/mo

fubo Latino – 10 channels for $12.99/mo



Other Basic Details

With fuboTV, you can stream two streams simultaneously. This means you and anyone that you share your account with can watch at the same time, as long as only two people are watching. A cloud-based DVR is available, so you can record shows if you want to watch them later. You can watch on Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku, and mobile devices. Additional details are available in our fuboTV review.


The fuboTV free trial

If you want to sample the goods without paying the fuboTV price, you can start off with the fuboTV 7-day free trial. This will give you a chance to test out the service before you pay for it! If you find you don’t like it, just cancel before your week is up, and you won’t pay anything for what you’ve sampled.

Any other questions? If so, be sure to ask them in our comment section!

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