Google Unplugged Review: Channels List, Plans, Launch Date and Other Early Info

google unplugged review

It’s a great time to be a cord cutter. Once upon a time if you gave up cable you just missed out. Now you sign up to a few key streaming services, save a bunch of money, and don’t miss a thing! It’s pretty awesome how many good services there are and how many are trying to jump into the ring. It’s getting to the point that before long cord cutters will have more options than cable users will.

It was recently announced that Google would be launching a streaming service through their YouTube platform. In this Google Unplugged review, we will discuss what we know about Unplugged including the Google Unplugged price and the Google Unplugged channels list. Not a whole lot is known about the upcoming YouTube Unplugged service, but we will share the information that we have, and will add more as we get it!


Google Unplugged Review: What is YouTube Unplugged?

YouTube Unplugged and Google Unplugged are the same thing. As Google owns YouTube, and they have been attempting to get into the live streaming business for some time, the Unplugged service will be featured on YouTube. So, when you see Unplugged referred to in terms of Google or YouTube, know that they are actually the same service.

YouTube currently offers Red in the subscription model, but Unplugged will be more along the vein of Sling TV or PlayStation Vue. While not much information has been announced, it looks like Unplugged is going to try and offer skinny bundles with add-on smaller packages. For cord cutters, this means you shouldn’t have to sacrifice by living without cable. You should be able to get the majority of the channels you want at a fair and decent price.


What is the Google Unplugged Channels List

The Google Unplugged channels list has not been released yet. We know that they are hoping to offer a skinny bundle. In the industry this means that they would offer local channels and a selection of popular cable channels. This is similar to the Sling TV model. So far, there is a commitment to CBS. In addition to CBS, Unplugged will also be able to offer CBS Sports and Pop in their lineup.

Google is in talks with ABC/Disney, which could also mean the addition of Freeform and other ABC/Disney owned networks. They are also talking to NBC, FOX, Fox News, National Geographic, and other networks. It is assumed that ideally all of these channels will be a part of the basic package. From there, they hope to have smaller add-on bundles that offer niche channels (kids, comedy, sports, etc.) for an additional monthly fee.


Google Unplugged Device Details

There aren’t many details available when it comes to what devices will offer Unplugged. As it is a Google/YouTube offering that does tell us something though. It’s possible that Unplugged could be offered as an offshoot of the regular YouTube app. Even if it isn’t, you know it will be available through your computer and cell phone/tablet. As a Google offering you can assume gaming consoles will make apps, along with Roku, Chromecast, and other major streaming devices. You can definitely assume you will have options where devices are concerned, it’s just more of a question as to when the apps will be made available.


Google Unplugged Review: Release Date Details

A definitive date has not yet been offered for Google Unplugged. That said, we do know that it will be released in 2017. There was a recent report stating that it may launch as early as February 2017, but time will tell.


What is the Google Unplugged Price?

The Google Unplugged cost should likely fall somewhere in between Sling TV and PlayStation Vue. Analysts are predicting that Unplugged will cost somewhere in the range of $25 and $40. Depending on the channel lineup this wouldn’t be unreasonable, and would certainly be cheaper than cable.


Is There a Google Unplugged Free Trial?

The Google Unplugged cost is still up in the air, but it seems pretty likely that a free trial will be available. No announcement has been made at this point, but the vast majority of streaming services offer trials. With this in mind, we highly doubt that Unplugged will be any different. The questions that remain are how long the free trial will last, and what the Google Unplugged service will cost once the trial ends.


Google Unplugged Review: Bottom Line

While we don’t know a lot about Unplugged at this point, it’s definitely something worth keeping an eye on. Keep checking back as we will continue to report information as it is released. Like all Google Unplugged reviews at this point, this page is a work-in-progress until more details are released.

Ashtyn Evans

Ashtyn Evans

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Ashtyn Evans

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