HBO NOW Review: A Look at HBO’s Streaming Service

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HBO has come a long way since those days when I sat on my shag carpeting in front of my console TV, watching Tales from the Crypt. The biggest change is that you no longer have to be tethered to a cable bill to watch HBO. Thanks to the introduction of HBO NOW, you can order HBO as a standalone streaming service and get all the benefits of HBO without all the headaches of cable. The question is, how does HBO NOW stack up in comparison to other streaming networks and even to having HBO on cable? Well, this HBO NOW review will be sure to fill you in on some of those answers.

HBO NOW Review: Let’s Talk Originals

The number one reason most people sign up for HBO is because of the original content. The great thing about HBO NOW is that you get the complete recent lineup of originals. Not only do you get current episodes, you get all available episodes from every season of each show. You get access to shows that are no longer airing, like Sex in the City, OZ, The Wire, and The Sopranos. You also get currently airing shows like Game of Thrones, True Detective, and The Leftovers. And there are others available, too. Shows are added as they air. You also have access to any HBO comedy shows, specials, or documentaries. In short, if HBO offers it as original programming, HBO NOW carries it for you to watch whenever you want.

HBO NOW: Features

The biggest feature is the ability to essentially live stream HBO shows online. While actual live streaming is not offered, HBO adds each new episode of their shows as they would air on TV. So, when Game of Thrones is coming on television, you will be able to find a new episode on HBO NOW. This allows you to watch along with any friends that have cable and to avoid those nasty spoilers that could come with having to watch later. That said, the episodes remain available for the life of your membership, so you can watch whenever is convenient for you.

hbo now originals

A huge library of Hollywood movies is included, as well. The movie section includes collections of movies paired in themes (Horror, 80s films, etc.) or you can just browse the entire lineup. All in all, a few hundred movies are offered at any given time. The movies tend to remain on the app for more than a month, so you have plenty of time to watch the things you want to see. HBO NOW offers a good mix of popular and older films. And, any films that are debuting on HBO also are available on HBO NOW, so you’ll get to watch them, as well.

A library for Documentaries, Comedy, Kids (including new Sesame Street episodes), and Sports round out the lineup of available content. You can watch HBO NOW pretty much anywhere. I watch on my Xbox the most, but you can use a computer, tablet, Chromecast, Roku, and other devices.

HBO NOW Pricing: How Much Does HBO NOW Cost?

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If you are asking, “How much does HBO NOW cost?” you will be pleasantly surprised to know that HBO NOW is less than paying for HBO through cable. Well, that and you won’t have to pay for the cable subscription with it. HBO NOW is available for $15 a month. This makes it one of the more expensive streaming services, but with content you can’t get anywhere else, the price is fair. If you’re unsure that it would be worth it to you, a free trial for 30-days is available.

HBO NOW doesn’t have the amount of content that you’ll find on Netflix or Hulu. However, the reality is that HBO NOW offers things you can’t get anywhere else. People sign up to HBO NOW for the original content, and they will receive that and more in abundance. If you’re holding on to cable for fear of missing HBO, you no longer need to do that. HBO NOW will fill every HBO craving you’ve had and more.

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