How to Watch NBA on TNT Online without Cable

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Watch NBA on TNT online

Live NBA games are always a treat to watch. No matter which team you’re rooting for, not much beats the excitement of kicking back to enjoy the fast-paced action of professional basketball. NBA games air on a few different channels, but TNT hosts a ton of action, with several games every week. If you’re wondering how to watch NBA on TNT online, this is the guide for you!

TNT is, of course, a cable channel. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you need cable to watch it! In fact, there are now a couple of different ways to watch TNT basketball online, and all the other great content that TNT offers. The services detailed below provide the best methods for the TNT NBA stream.


Use DIRECTV NOW to Watch NBA on TNT Online

Currently, one of the best ways to watch TNT basketball online is to use DIRECTV NOW. This new service offers its subscribers an easy and legal way to watch live TV without cable. It’s an affordable and flexible alternative, with rates starting at $35 a month and no long-term contract required.

TNT streaming is included in DIRECTV NOW’s basic package, which costs $35 a month and provides over 60 live channels. If you crave more selection, there are larger packages offering upwards of 120 channels. But even in the basic package, you’ll be able to watch TNT basketball online, plus lots more live sports on ESPN and ESPN2, news on CNN, and so much more. See the DIRECTV NOW channel list for details.

DIRECTV NOW works over the internet, which means you’ll need a compatible device to watch it. Computers work, as do mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. For the best viewing experience, you’ll probably want to watch on your TV, though, which you’ll need a streaming device for – such as an Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, etc.

DIRECTV NOW currently offers a free 7 day trial for new customers


Access the TNT NBA Stream via Sling TV

Another easy way to watch TNT basketball online is to use Sling TV. This service, like DIRECTV NOW, works over the internet. It allows you to stream live TV without cable, from anywhere that you have a solid internet connection.

Sling TV is a very affordable option, with the basic package costing only $20 a month. No contract or commitment is required. TNT is included in this basic package, so you can watch NBA on TNT online with Sling. You’ll also get ESPN, ESPN2 and 30+ other great channels. All of these channels can be streamed live, and select content is also available on-demand. See the Sling TV channel list for details. Sling works on the majority of streaming devices, computers, mobile devices and more.

Sling TV is cheap, and it gets even cheaper if you’re a T-Mobile customer. Right now, T-Mobile subscribers can get 30% off of Sling TV! If you don’t have T-Mobile, you can still get some great deals, including a free Roku streaming device when you sign up for a few months in advance.

You can also start things off with a free week-long trial of Sling TV.


Stream TNT Basketball Games using PlayStation Vue

With PlayStation Vue, fans get live access to 45+ channels without a cable subscription. TNT is included in that channel list, so you can use Vue to watch TNT basketball games online. Vue’s prices start from $30 a month, with no contract required.

Right now, Vue is a good service, but Sling TV and DIRECTV NOW are better options. For one, PlayStation Vue does not allow you to stream on mobile devices from outside your home, while the other services do. See our PlayStation Vue review for the full scoop.


Use TNT Overtime to Watch NBA on TNT Games Online (select games)

TNT has an online app called TNT Overtime that can be used to watch select NBA on TNT games live. The service is quite unique, offering 4 different camera angles to choose from – and you can even use all 4 cameras at once in “mosaic view”. The downside is that this service is only for select games. Availability may also vary by your geographical area. Still, though, the service is free and does not require a pay TV authentication, so it’s a decent option. It’s far from a complete option to watch NBA on TNT online, due to the limited availability – but hey, free is free!

For more info on the best legal ways to keep up with all your favorite sports, check out our full guide on how to watch sports without cable.


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