How to Watch Sports Online without Cable

Sports is seriously the biggest barrier that stops people from feeling confident enough to cut the cord. It can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. You can watch sports without cable in a variety of easy and legal ways. And, in some cases, you can even watch sports online free.

So what are the steps to live stream sports without access to cable? Before you start, consider which sports are most important to you. Are you more interested in following one specific team or the entire league? How are those sports accessible through traditional channels?

Once you have an idea of how you watch sports, you can dig into the details to allow you to watch live sports online without cable, legally, and conveniently. Along with the biggest streaming services on the market, like DIRECTV NOW and Sling TV, there are also a few specialized options.

Check out our guides to stream live sports and read below for more information on how to watch sports online.



Watch NFL Online

There are several ways to watch sports without cable. NFL is one of the trickier leagues to watch, but thankfully it’s getting easier.

DIRECTV NOW, fuboTVSling TV, and PlayStation Vue all have access to some networks that air NFL games. This includes local FOX, CBS, and NBC in some markets, but that will depend on your specific location. ESPN is also available nationwide on Sling TV, DIRECTV NOW, and Vue, which is great for Monday Night Football, while NFL Network (for Thursday Night Football and more) is included from Sling TV and Vue. All of these services offer FREE trials so you can live stream sports and see for yourself.

The CBS All Access stand-alone app recently announced a deal with the NFL to offer all games aired on their network. This service isn’t available nationwide yet, but it does cover most of the country. This is especially good for fans of AFC teams, which air the majority of their games on CBS. CBS All Access also offers a FREE try before you buy option. Note that this is only for CBS, so it’s not as complete of an option as DIRECTV NOW, fuboTV, etc.

Check out our guide to stream live sports and watch the NFL online here.


Watch College Football Online

college football live streamLike college basketball, college football is imperative to watch for fans, and it’s a little easier than its professional league counterpart. With specific channels, like the PAC-12 and SEC Networks, and games aired on ESPN and FOX Sports family of networks, it can be a little easier to get access to college football streaming without cable.

You can watch live sports online with services like DIRECTV NOW, Sling TV, and PlayStation Vue. All of them offer some collections of networks that air college football games, so check out which are right for you and even watch sports online FREE with a trial to see for yourself. Look at both DIRECTV NOW and Sling TV to learn more. fuboTV may also be useful, because it offers regional sports networks and NBC/FOX/CBS in some areas.

Many college football games are aired on CBS. The network’s stand-alone app, CBS All Access, is a great value to watch not only college football but also stream live sports from many professional leagues, like the NFL. It’s affordable, accessible, and available in for about 80% of the U.S. right now. Try CBS All Access FREE now.

Here is our college football guide to read more about live stream sports.



nba live streamBasketball is an easy sport to watch without cable. Between all of the games airing weekly on national TV and the games that air on regional sports networks, most of the channels that carry the action are now available without cable.

Nationally, NBA games air regularly on TNT, ABC, ESPN, and NBA TV (these channels also carry most NBA Playoffs games). All of these channels are available without cable through various live streaming services detailed below. Additionally, if you want to follow your local team, their games likely air on a regional sports network (such as regional FOX Sports, Comcast SportsNet, or Root), and many of these are also available without cable.

There are several options to stream live sports, including basketball, with the most popular streaming services on the market. DIRECTV NOW and Sling TV both have many of the networks that air the NBA. You can watch sports live stream free by starting with a FREE 7-day trial of DIRECTV NOW. Or, 7 days FREE with Sling TV.

PlayStation Vue has added the NBA TV stream to their lineup. This allows fans to watch all out-of-market NBA games right from their consoles or streaming players.

fuboTV may also prove useful to fans living near their favorite teams, as the service includes regional sports networks and NBA TV (but not ESPN or TNT).

Read more about NBA streaming options here.


Watch College Basketball Online

college basketball live streamIn many ways the ability to stream live sports at the college level is easier than watching the professional leagues. Many of the streaming services offer access to networks that air the NCAA basketball games from all over the country.

Check out the options with DIRECTV NOW, fuboTVSling TV, and PlayStation Vue. These services offer many possible solutions to watch live sports online without cable, including college basketball.

Start out with a FREE trial of DIRECTV NOW or Sling TV FREE for 7-Days to see which is better for you to watch sports online.

CBS All Access is also a good solution for some colleges and games. Check out what they have to offer to learn more. Try CBS All Access FREE today.

And read our complete guide to stream live sports and watch college basketball online.


Watch NHL Online

Hockey is incredibly popular, and not just in the states along the Canadian border. Fans may always be concerned about how to stream live sports. Missing out on your favorite teams is a non-starter for those who might want to cut the cord. But, as with most of the sports leagues, that doesn’t have to be the case.

Most NHL games air on regional sports networks and nationally key games are on NBCSN, NBC, and NHL Network throughout the season. And if you’re looking to watch the NHL Playoffs online, you’ll also need USA and CNBC for some games.

Thankfully, the leading live services today offer most channels you need to watch NHL online. fuboTV, DIRECTV NOW, Sling TV, and PlayStation Vue are all streaming options that offer many of the networks airing hockey that will allow you to stream sports online. With these, you may even be able to start with a free trial and watch sports online free to see if they’re they right service for you.

All of the popular live streaming services offer free trials so you can test out the services to see which you like:

You can try fuboTV free for 7 days here.

Check out a FREE trial of DIRECTV NOW here.

Try Sling TV FREE for 7 days.

The NHL also offers NHL Gamecenter, a stand-alone app that gives fans access to live stream sports and watch their favorite out-of-market hockey teams online anywhere, any time. This is best for those fans who no longer live in their home towns as local games are blacked out. Bur for a Chicago fan living in Texas, for instance, it is a great option.

Check out our complete guide to watch NHL online and live stream sports today.


Watch MLB Online

mlb live stream

Baseball fans who want to watch live sports online are in luck. There are more than a few completely legal ways to watch all of your favorite teams without cable.

Since many of the MLB games are aired on TBS, ESPN, and FOX sports networks, there are a few options to live stream sports with some of the streaming services on the market today.

DIRECTV NOW offers ways to watch several MLB teams as you live stream sports without satellite. You can start with a FREE trial of DIRECTV NOW to watch sports online free and see for yourself.

Sling TV is also a good option to access live sports streaming, including MLB teams, games, and news. Sling TV also offers a FREE 7-Day trial so you can stream live sports today.

PlayStation Vue, the third major player in the streaming TV market, will also give you some access to stream live sports. fuboTV will provide some regional coverage, as well.

If you are a MLB fan living out of market, such as a Tigers Fan in North Carolina, the MLB.TV service is a great choice. You can pay to watch a single team or the entire league. Local games are blacked out, so this is really only a good option for those no longer in their home team’s market.

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Watch Soccer Online

soccer live streamSoccer is an entirely different story about how to watch sports online. With so many leagues, national and international, there are too many ways to keep up. Cord cutters are either creative about their solutions or aren’t sure how to watch at all.

Right now, both DIRECTV NOW and Sling TV have options to stream live sports and soccer, but perhaps the best option is fuboTV. fuboTV actually started as a service specifically for soccer fans, and has now evolved into much more. The service offers many hard-to-find channels, including FOX Soccer Plus, BeIN sports, FS1 and many more. You can try fuboTV free for 7 days here.

You can try DIRECTV NOW FREE to see if it is a fit for your soccer needs.

Sling TV also has a FREE 7-day trial to stream live sports today.

Read more about Soccer and how to watch sports online here.


Watch Golf Online

golf live streamThere are many ways to watch sports without cable – if golf is your game, the options are pretty straightforward. To watch the professional golf games on like, like the PGA, there are a few options to stream live sports.

Right now, DIRECT TV NOWfuboTVSling TV, and PlayStation Vue offer a few options and networks to watch golf without cable.

Watch a FREE 7-day trial of DIRECTV NOW.

Sling TV has a FREE 7-day offer, too.

Some tournaments are also aired on CBS All Access, which is the affordable stand-alone service from the broadcast network. To see if CBS All Access is the right solution to watch sports online, click for a FREE trial.

Check out our guide for more ways to live stream sports and watch golf.


Watch Tennis Online

tennis live streamWith top rated, world-class athletes like the Williams sisters and Andy Murray, it is no wonder that tennis is very popular. And without cable, it can be worrisome to miss out on all the action from court-side.

But, tennis is surprisingly accessible without cable. You can watch sports online with DIRECTV NOW and Sling TV. Both services offer several networks that air tennis matches throughout the year. Try DIRECT TV NOW or Sling TV for a FREE trial.

The third option for Tennis streaming is Tennis Channel Plus. It is a stand-alone app that features news, tournaments and special events live and on demand. It isn’t meant to be a live stream of the network itself, but an add-on to enhance the features.

Learn more about how to live stream sports and watch tennis online here.


Watch WWE Online

wwe live streamWrestling has had a long history in the U.S. as both a sport and a spectacle. Fans are hard core, and that means many don’t want to cut the cord and miss out on events and matches. But you don’t have to worry.

You can watch WWE content on DIRECTV NOW, fuboTVSling TV, and PlayStation Vue. To try out DIRECTV NOW and stream your favorite sports for free, sign up for a 7-day trial here. Sling TV also offers a FREE 7-day trial.

WWE also has a stand-alone app that offers access to pay-per-view directly along with some other content.

The WWE also sometimes has events on YouTube and some programming will be available on-demand with Hulu.

Here is our guide to watch WWE and live stream sports.


Watch UFC Online

ufc live streamMixed Martial Arts, and specifically the UFC, has an incredibly loyal following in the U.S. and around the word. Ronda Rousey and Conor McGregor are household names because of their devotion to the sport. And cutting the cord can seem complicated if you want to keep up and watch sports online.

The big 4 in streaming television all have access to networks that include UFC events. DIRECTV NOW, fuboTVSling TV, and PlayStation Vue may all be reasonable options.

Try DIRECTV NOW FREE for 7-Days.

Sling TV’s 7-day FREE trial is available here.

Try fuboTV free for 7 days here.

But you can also check out UFC Fight Pass, which will give you access to tons of UFC content. This isn’t a direct live stream of UFC pay-per-view events, but it does have plenty of programming to keep you happy and engaged.

You can also buy Pay-Per-View events online without cable as another way to watch live sports online.

Read our UFC guide to learn how to watch UFC online.


Watch Formula One Online

formula one live streamRacing is another big sport, and there are several choices. Formula One is popular here and around the world. At breakneck speeds, this fast-paced sport is thrilling for fans and drivers alike.

You can watch F1 Racing on a variety of networks, many of which are available through the top streaming options. DIRECTV NOW, fuboTVSling TV, and PlayStation Vue are all possible options to watch sports online and keep up with your favorite Formula One drivers.

Want to know more about how to watch sports online FREE? Sign up for a trial of DIRECTV NOW.

Sling TV also has an offer for 7 days FREE to see for yourself.

Did you check out our Formula One guide yet?


Watch NASCAR Online

nascar live streamThe world of racing and how to watch sports online wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t also mention NASCAR. This uniquely American sport has fans from all over the country flocking to raceways and tuning in to their televisions for events like the Daytona 500.

NASCAR is aired on a variety of sports networks and broadcast channels (mostly on FOX and FS1), which are available in some markets through services like DIRECTV NOW, fuboTVSling TV, and PlayStation Vue.

DIRECTV NOW and Sling TV often run special promotions and have FREE 7-day trials so you can see which is best to watch live sports online.

Look at our NASCAR streaming guide here.


How Else Can You Watch Sports Online

Another method we should mention for many of these sports is a digital antenna paired with an over-the-air DVR.

Digital antennas allow you to pick up any broadcast channels in your area. That means you can stream live sports on NBC, ABC, FOX, and CBS if you receive the channel over the air. Besides the initial cost of the antenna, watching is completely free.

An over-the-air DVR allows you to record live TV and watch later. Or, you can use it to stream sports live to your computer or connected device and watch even if you’re away fro home. This is one great way to watch sports online for free! The only other way we know of to legally watch sports without cable for free is with free trials of the services mentioned above, will typically be for only a week at a time.

Don’t forget to check out each individual sports guides to see more details. Do you have more questions about how to watch sports online? Ask below in the comments.

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