Hulu Review: Is Hulu Worth the Money?

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Hulu review

Hulu is a popular and affordable streaming service that can provide you with many hours of television shows, movies, and much more. With millions of subscribers, Hulu has proven to be one of the foremost ways to maximize your TV experience, as well as providing an easy way to watch your favorite shows without cable. In this guide, we will provide a detailed Hulu review to show you more about this service, how it works, what it costs, etc.

With Hulu you can view both new and old episodes of many of the best shows that TV has to offer. You can access shows from many of the major networks with Hulu, including FOX, ABC, NBC, MTV, History Channel, A&E, Bravo, Comedy Central and much more.

Hulu offers a free streaming service that provides limited access to content and clips of shows, but to really experience the enjoyable side of Hulu you’ll have to subscribe and upgrade for a more premium experience.

Hulu is not a live streaming service, so you won’t be able to watch shows live as they air. Generally, newer shows are added the day after they air on TV. If you’re looking for live TV, Sling TV will be a better bet. Hulu, on the other hand, provides endless hours of on-demand content.

With prices starting at $7.99 a month, Hulu certainly won’t break the bank. Plus, it’s contract-free, so there’s no need to commit long-term. You can use Hulu on most major devices – your smart TV, mobile devices, game consoles, streaming devices, tablets, and computers. There’s even a free 7-day trial available!

Our full Hulu review, found below, will go over the service in more detail.


Key Features of Hulu

Hulu has hundreds of content partners, and over 700 million hours of streamed content. Yup, you read that right. Hulu offers subscribers a huge amount of useful features, beginning at only $7.99 per month: Here is some of what they offer:

  • No Cable Required – you won’t need cable TV to enjoy Hulu, which is a huge plus for folks wanting to save money. While cable can easily run you $100+ a month, Hulu is $12 a month at most.
  • No Commercials – Hulu now offers a subscription plan that may change the way you watch TV. For only $11.99 per month, subscribers can watch their favorite shows commercial free! There is also a plan with limited commercials that is $7.99 a month.
  • Huge Content Library – Hulu subscribers have access to the Hulu library of both critically acclaimed TV shows and movies. There are many popular series that are offered in full by Hulu, meaning all the seasons are available to watch on-demand. New content is added daily, so there’s no shortage of stuff to watch!
  • Hulu Originals – like competitors Netflix and Amazon Instant Video, Hulu has begun to produce their own original shows. This is a fairly new venture for Hulu, and they haven’t hit a home-run like Netflix’s Orange is the New Black or Amazon Prime’s Transparent, but several of Hulu’s original shows are quite enjoyable and are gaining popularity. A recent Hulu original starring James Franco, 11.22.63, chronicles the life of a time traveler tasked with preventing JFK’s assassination.
  • Flexibility – Hulu allows you to stream shows through your TV, phones, tablets, gaming consoles, media players, and your PC, so you need never miss a show again. Unlike cable, which requires you to be at home to watch, you can use Hulu from wherever you go.
  • Premium channel add-ons – You can actually add some premium channels, like Showtime, to your Hulu subscription for more premium content. Showtime costs $8.99 a month extra through Hulu (on top of the standard Hulu cost).
  • Free 7-day trial – for new users, the first 7 days are free, giving you the chance to explore the service before you spend a dime. And remember, since Hulu is non-contract, it’s really easy to cancel your subscription if you don’t want to keep it.


Which of My Devices Can Stream Hulu?

There are many Hulu devices that you can use to watch your favorite shows via this service. Some of the more popular options include:

  • Gaming consoles, like the PS3, PS4, Wii and Xbox One
  • Computers and laptops (both Mac and PC)
  • Streaming devices like Rokus, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Nexus Player, Chromecast, etc.
  • Mobile devices, like iOS and Android
  • Smart TVs and blu ray players

Long story short, the vast majority of devices that are capable of streaming video are capable of streaming Hulu.


What Shows and Movies Can You Watch on Hulu?

Let’s look at some of the TV networks, Hulu original programming, and more of the enormous content library that Hulu offers.

Hulu can provide its subscribers with current episodes and full seasons of many shows from a wide variety of TV networks. Some of these are FOX, ABC, NBC, The CW, Nickelodeon, Lifetime, National Geographic, BET, USA, AMC, ABC Family, and more. Plus, Hulu is constantly adding new partners, so there is a continual stream of fresh content to watch!

Hulu is primarily known for their TV show selection, but there also many movies in the Hulu library. You can watch many diverse genres on Hulu, and Hulu also offers movie night specials. Hulu’s library of movie content features movies such as the Bond Collection, comedies, Kid’s movies, Stand Up Comedy Specials, and more.

Subscribers can add on SHOWTIME for just $8.99 per month, which adds a ton of new, premium content to enjoy.


How Much Does Hulu Cost?

There is a free version of Hulu that allows you to watch limited shows, clips, and movie trailers. But really, if you want to enjoy the best of Hulu, you’ll have to spring for one of these two packages:

  • Limited Commercials Plan for $7.99 per month
  • No Commercials Plan for $11.99 a month

These two packages offer the same content. The only difference is the presence – or lack thereof – of commercials. It’s up to you decide whether saving $4 a month if worth the cost of watching commercials.


Is There a Hulu Free Trial?

Yes, there is! New subscribers get the first 7 days for free, which is a great opportunity to explore the service and check things out. It’s easy to sign up, and easy to cancel if you end up not wanting to keep it. Click here to start a free 7 day trial.


Is There a Hulu Gift Card?

If you’re wondering about the possibility of giving a Hulu subscription as a gift, you can do that with a Hulu gift card. They are available for purchase in retailers like Walmart, Best Buy and Target, and from online retailers like Amazon and iTunes.


What About the Hulu Live Streaming Service?

You may have heard or read about the upcoming Hulu Live service, which aims to be a replacement for cable TV and a direct competitor of services like Sling TV. At this point, the service is in beta, and should be launched this year. We don’t have a firm release date for Hulu Live yet, but we’ll keep this updated.

Basically, this will expand Hulu into a full cable alternative. Hulu has plans to offer tons of important and popular channels, including networks like TBS, TNT, CBS, CNN, AMC, and many more. Hulu Live will reportedly cost “under $40 per month“, which likely means a starting price of $35 per month – although we won’t know the exact Hulu price until the service launches. Hulu Live will include the existing on-demand library of Hulu, and it’s likely that the existing Hulu on-demand service will be available individually, as well.


Hulu Review: Is Hulu Worth The Money?

The short answer: absolutely!

The Hulu cost is just $8 a month (or $12 for no commercials), which is quite affordable. In my opinion, a Hulu subscription provides a ton of value. Millions of hours of content await you. Plus, it’s one of the only ways to access newer shows without cable.

While Netflix provides a ton of content (more than Hulu), it does not generally offer newer TV shows until a year or more after their air. Compare that to Hulu, which adds shows the day after they air, and you can see why so many people love this service.

If you’re on the fence, there is a Hulu free trial. Sign up for the free 7-day trial that you can use to test out the service for yourself!


Want to Learn More About Hulu?

Thanks for reading our Hulu review. To learn more about Hulu and to get started, head over to their official website. If you have any questions about Hulu, their prices, or the services offered, ask, and we will try to help.

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  • Mike_LV says:

    Nowhere in this article does this mention Hulu’s commercial policy. Has it changed? Netflix and most major streaming sites (especially if you subscribe) are AD FREE. No ads before, interrupting your viewing during, or after. I tried Hulu and in the end dropped it because whenever there was a glitch (in the internet, with Hulu’s site or server) it frequently would endless loop ads. If you have all of an hour of free time…or say are on a short break during the day…the last thing one wants during that break is to watch nothing but ads. So…has Hulu’s policy changed? Do paying subscribers get to watch without ads or does the subscription mean you literally are paying to watch advertising? Considering if Hulu did this would be major news, not to mention a major selling point…I’m going with no.

  • Susan Mitchell says:

    Not impressed with Hulu. Way too many ads and so glitchy. Why do I have to pay for commercials?!

  • Lee says:

    Hulu is the worst when it comes to using it on Internet Explorer. And, Hulu insists on it being the customer’s problem, rather than Hulu’s problem. Then, it’s all of the hoops of fire … what is your e-mail address, what is your name, what are the last four digits of your credit card on file, what is your zip code, what happens, what does the page say, let’s clean your cache (which has already been done), can’t you use Google Chrome instead, there must be a problem with your computer, Hulu doesn’t work as well on Internet Explorer and on and on an on and on and on. I actually had Hewlett Packard go through my entire computer for bugs and defects to a perfect bill of health and the Hulu site still made me log in as a long time customer. Hulu is a joke as far as customer service is concerned and improving the customer experience while actually watching programs!

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