How to Watch NBCSN Live Stream Online without Cable

nbcsn live stream

The ability to watch sports is what keeps many potential cable cutters up at night. It also keeps them tethered to the cable or satellite companies. But things are changing, and today there are many more possibilities to watch sports online. So, what is there to know about the NBCSN live stream?

NBCSN, or the NBC Sports Network, is a channel designed for sports fans. Early cable adopters might recognize it as the Outdoor Life Network, or OLN. But as cable evolved, so did the network and today it is home to many of the most popular sports programming available.

You can watch NHL games (including an NHL Playoffs live stream), the Tour de France, NASCAR, boxing championships, sports talk shows, and so much more.

For fans who are concerned about missing sports coverage, this is your guide to watching NBCSN without cable.

Watch the NBCSN Live Stream with Sling TV

nbcsn live stream

If live sports and sports coverage is your primary concern, you can stream NBCSN with Sling TV. The network is part of the Sling Blue package, which also includes other sports programming (more on that in a minute). Sling TV is currently the most affordable and robust streaming service available.

Rather than relying on cable or satellite, all you need to watch is a high-speed internet connection. You can watch NBCSN streaming right on your computer or smart device. Or, you can connect a player like Roku or Apple TV to your television and watch it that way. Sling TV works with most of the popular streaming devices on the market.

Sling Blue is only $25 per month. It also allows you to watch up to three streams at once, so if you want to watch NBCSN online, someone else in your house can watch AMC or BBC America on another player.

To learn more, check out our review.


Watch Sports and More on Sling TV

nbcsn live stream

As we mentioned, Sling TV gives viewers a chance to watch more sports programming too. While many of the professional leagues, like the NFL, lock down most of their programming some streaming companies are catching up. With Sling Blue, you’ll also be able to watch:

  • NHL Network
  • FOX Sports regional networks (in participating areas)
  • FS1
  • FS2
  • NFL Network

Sling TV also offers a Sports Extra add-on package for just $5 more per month. With that, you’ll also be beIN Sports, Golf Channel, Pac 12 and SEC Networks, and the NFL Redzone.

You can also pair it with the Sling Orange package, their other basic option, and get the ESPN family of networks.

All of this combined makes Sling TV one of the best places to watch sports, and NBCSN streaming live.

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You Can Also Get the NBCSN Live Stream with DIRECTV NOW

nbscn live stream

DIRECTV NOW is a familiar name, because it comes from the popular AT&T cable company. However, they are now changing things up in a big way. DIRECTV NOW is a streaming service now available nationwide. You don’t have to sign up for cable or install a dish – you only need to have a strong internet connection to watch your sports channels and many more favorites live!

The service was released in early 2017, so you can expect some changes and upgrades within the coming months. But if you are interested in signing up, here is what you need to know:

  • Prices start at just $35 a month for over 60 channels, you will also get a selection of on-demand features.. You can get an NBCSN live stream plus a few other sports channels in one of their channel bundles.
  • For streaming you will have a few options to choose from, including Apple TV, smart devices, and your PC. No mobile restrictions at this time, so you can watch on the go.
  • Are you an AT&T cellular customer? You have the added advantage of streaming from the app not counting against your data. That’s right, watching on the app away from home won’t rack up your data plan!
  • DIRECTV NOW is easy to set up and navigate. The grid-guide interface is the most like traditional cable compared to other streaming services.

If you like saving money (who doesn’t?) after you have used up the free trial, and you decide you want to subscribe, you can pre-pay a few months of service to get a new streaming player such an Amazon Fire or Apple TV products.

DIRECTV NOW has some special launch offers to new customers. Be sure to check their website for the most current deals. These may change in the near future, so you’ll want to act fast

You can find our review of the service here.


Stream NBCSN Live on PlayStation Vue

nbcsn live stream

The primary competition for Sling TV today is PlayStation Vue. This service, from Sony, is similar in many regards. It, too, offers fans the ability to watch NBCSN online live streaming and legally without cable. It has some other sports networks as well, along with a large library of other streaming channels.

There are some key differences, though. PlayStation Vue is more expensive overall. It starts at $30 to $40 per month depending on your location. It doesn’t work with as many streaming devices, but you can watch on your PS3 or PS4 along with a handful of other players.

And, most importantly, fans should know that there are some big restrictions with the service. You subscription is tied to your home location so streaming on the go, even with the mobile app, is limited.

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We hope this has given you some ideas on how to watch NBCSN without cable. If you have more questions, ask below.

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