Netflix Will Ring in New Year’s Early for Parents and Young Children

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Netflix King Julien NYE

We’re only a couple of days from watching 2016 roll over into 2017, and there will be no shortage of folks staying up late to celebrate the transition. But for parents of young kids, New Year’s Eve can be kind of a bummer. Whether you decided to make it a family event or you’re just stuck at home because you couldn’t get a sitter, keeping even the most eager youngster up to see midnight arrive can be a struggle. But what if midnight arrived early, for once? Netflix is here to help.

For several years now, Netflix has provided parents with an alternative to pushing bedtime all the way back into the new year. This year they’re continuing their annual tradition of posting themed videos that parents can use to get the excitement of the big countdown…without actually having to disturb Junior’s precious sleep cycle. Check out the trailer for this year’s Netflix NYE Countdowns below.

Naturally, Netflix’s Countdowns are tied into some of their original shows — specifically series with kid or tween appeal. For the youngsters in the bunch, you can choose countdowns featuring Word Party, Beat Bugs, Puffin Rock, Luna Petunia, Skylanders Academy, All Hail King Julien, or Trollhunters. If your spawn are a bit longer in the tooth, there are also Countdowns for Project Mc2, Chasing Cameron, and Fuller House.

In fact, you don’t even have to wait until New Year’s Eve, technically. The Countdown videos are already available on Netflix Instant, so if you’re eager to show 2016 the door…well, you can’t actually travel through time to Saturday night, but you can pretend. And like a great man once said, “Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so.”

The videos average between 2-3 minutes and range from silly Fuller House banter to one of King Julien‘s patented musical numbers. You can search through all 10 Countdowns right here, or just search “Countdowns” in Netflix Instant.

Happy (early) New Year!

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