Netflix Purchases Pope Francis Mini Series ‘Call Me Francis’

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A new Italian mini series about the world’s biggest religious leader is heading to Netflix. Itay’s Mediaset TV network just announced they’ve sold their four part Pope Francis mini series Call Me Francis to the streaming giant for an undisclosed amount.

The series follows Jorge Maria Bergoglio in his journey from Jesuit priest to one of the most groundbreaking pontiffs in history – Pope Francis.

Netflix will distribute the series in over 40 territories around the world outside of Europe. Mediaset will actually retain the European distribution rights for now, even though Netflix is said to have their eye on those as well.

Originally conceived and filmed as a TV series, Call Me Francis is directed by Italian filmmaker Daniele Luchetti, and stars Argentinian actor Rodrigo De la Serna as the man who would eventually be come Pope Francis. The series follows Bergoglio’s early life in Argentina, depicts how how he finds his calling as a priest, and finishes as he rises through the ranks to become an archbishop, then cardinal, then pope.

A feature film version of Call Me Francis was released in Italian cinemas in December of 2015, but Netflix has not purchased rights to that version yet. The TV version of Call Me Francis will air in Italy Dec. 8, the pope’s 80th birthday.


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  • Jorge says:

    The series is great, have watched 3 straight episodes last night. De la Serna delivers a great performance and the storyline is captivating. I must say that if you don’t know with some detail Argentina’s history during that time, the viewer can be lost in some moments, for example the part where captain Aztis (not sure if this is how it is spelled) comes into play. Nevertheless I would strongly recommend this series, specially if you were in anyway immersed with that ominous period in Argentina. I have not seen the last episode yet but would love to know if everything is factual or someone’s personal view.

  • Peter G. O'Grady says:

    I am more than thrilled to see this type of content on Netflix.

  • Audrey Doray says:

    Let us have more films of this calibre. Superbly filmed and informative.

  • Lawrence J Saldanha says:

    I greatly enjoyed this TV series which deals with the struggles of the present Pope Francis as he tries to carry out
    his religious duties in the face of grave injustices and oppression in the dark period of Argentina’s history.
    He sides with the poor and downtrodden . The film avoids sentimentality, but rather shows the real life issues helped to shape the world view of the future Pope. He now has become the champion of the poor and oppressed
    people of the world..

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