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New Sling TV Promotion Offers Steep Discount On AirTV Player

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If you're on the fence about cutting the cord, a new offer from Sling TV should make your decision a little easier, because it takes care of one of the most common complaints. The streaming TV service is offering a deal where you can get an AirTV Player, a device that lets you watch locals channels over the air, Netflix, and Sling TV content all in the same interface) for just $50 when you sign on for three months of Sling TV. The AirTV player usually costs about $130, meaning there's a savings of about $80 to be had. Considering that Sling TV service starts at only $20 a month, it's like getting four free months of Sling just for purchasing the device. New subscribers to Sling have a few different options available. They can:

  • Prepay for three months of Sling TV if your base service is $20 or over and get AirTV Player and AirTV Adapter for $50.
  • Prepay for four months of Sling TV if your monthly payment is between $15-$20 and get AirTV Player and AirTV Adapter for $50.
  • Prepay for six months of Sling TV if your monthly payment is under $15 and get AirTV Player and AirTV Adapter for $50.

Sling TV coupled with AirTV really is an exceptional way to dive into cord cutting. You won't miss out on anything from cable, and you'll pay a fraction of the price. You can learn more about this promotion here on Sling's site. Missing out on local channels is likely the biggest complaint people have about streaming TV services like Sling, DIRECTV NOW, and PlayStation Vue. But with AirTV, users just attach an antenna to their device and live local shows from CBS, ABS, and NBC are shown right alongside their streaming content from Sling and on-demand content from Netflix with no extra charge.

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