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Hulu with Live TV offers the most locals for NFL coverage, plus key national networks. Get 7 days free.

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With all the channels you need for NFL streaming, PlayStation Vue is a great choice. Get 5 days free.

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Sling TV is a solid choice for those on a budget, although local channel selection is lacking. Get 7 days free.

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Updated December 20, 2019

Are you wondering how to stream NFL games for the 2019-2020 season? Or maybe you have a few questions about it. You’ve come to the right place. As a hardcore NFL fan myself, I’ve put together a detailed guide that shows you exactly how to watch NFL without cable, with no technical knowledge or experience required. You can be streaming games in just minutes (it’s easy and super fast to get started). Plus, I’m going to answer several frequently asked questions along the way in this guide. Keep reading to learn how to watch NFL games without cable TV.

Simply put, this is everything I’ve learned after spending literally thousands of hours testing out all the different streaming services and platforms. As the 2019 season goes on, I’m continuing to test and evaluate all of the streaming options and will continue to update this article with useful information and tips. This how-to guide includes step-by-step instructions to legally stream NFL games without cable in an easy and simple format anyone can follow. Check out the full guide on how to watch NFL online below.


NFL Streaming: At a Glance

The guide below extensively covers all you need to know about watching football without cable. But if you’re just looking for a quick-and-easy cheat sheet, here you go:

You will need an online streaming service that offers live TV coverage. These services essentially function like cable, providing a wide selection of channels that you can watch live. The difference is that they are a lot cheaper, and don’t require a contract. They require an internet connection to watch, but nothing more.

We list many options below, but our top pick is Hulu with Live TV. This service costs $45 per month and covers over 60 channels to watch live. It offers many of the channels you’ll need to watch live football, so with this service you can stream nearly every NFL game live. Plus, you can catch the nightly news, binge watch the latest TV shows, and even access a massive Netflix-like on-demand library.

Hulu with Live TV offers a free 7 day trial. This is a great no-cost way to test the service out.

Once you’ve signed up, all you need now is a compatible device. You can use your computer or smartphone, or watch on your TV with a streaming player (Roku, Apple TV, etc.). Once everything is set up, you can watch live TV whenever you want, just like if you had cable!

So there you have it. If you want a quick summary, it’s this: Sign up for Hulu with Live TV and you’ll be able to stream NFL games LIVE in 2019 on all your favorite devices. And you can cancel at any time!

If you have questions, keep reading the guide below for more in-depth information.


The 4 Steps to Stream NFL Games Online

  1. Know which channels you need for watching NFL online.
  2. Set a monthly budget you’re comfortable spending.
  3. Choose how you want to watch games (on your TV, phone, tablet, etc.).
  4. Pick a streaming service that meets your needs and use a free trial to test it out.

Don’t worry, I’m going to walk you through the entire process. I promise, it’s incredibly easy, and you’re going to save a ton of money.


A Little Background on How to Watch NFL Online

I know, I know…it used to be difficult to watch NFL online without cable. But it’s 2019, and things have changed a lot. Streaming options have come a long way in recent years, and now, it’s easier than ever before to keep up with all the gridiron action without the burden of expensive cable TV.

Even if you live in an area where you can’t get antenna reception to pick up your local games on FOX, CBS, or NBC, you can still stream NFL games in a number of different ways so you don’t miss a single snap. I know this because I do it every single Thursday, Sunday, and Monday during NFL season!

The best part? All of these streaming services are pay-as-you-go (and cheaper than cable!), just like Netflix, so you can cancel any time you’d like. And all of the options we’re going to discuss are 100% legal, mainstream services.

Okay, let’s get started.


Step 1: Which NFL Channels Do You Need?

Before we go into all of the different streaming services that will let you watch football online without cable, let’s take a closer look at the key NFL channels you’ll need and which streaming services offer them.

The bulk of NFL action — Sunday afternoon games — airs on CBS and FOX. NFL RedZone also offers live, commercial-free look-ins all afternoon Sunday into games around the league, making it a great way to keep tabs on several games all at once. Sunday Night Football airs on NBC, and Monday Night Football comes on ESPN (if your hometown team is playing on Monday Night, the game will also simulcast to one of your local broadcast networks). Thursday Night Football is the most complicated of the bunch — 11 games will simulcast on FOX, NFL Network, and Amazon Prime, and 5 games will air exclusively on NFL Network (full TNF schedule here).

Here’s a full overview of the NFL channels carrying games in 2019:

  • CBS—Sunday afternoon games, Playoffs, Super Bowl
  • FOX—Sunday afternoon games, Thursday Night Football, Playoffs
  • NBC—Sunday Night Football, Playoffs
  • ESPN—Monday Night Football, Playoffs (Wild Card Round)
  • NFL Network—Thursday Night Football, Replays, Highlights and Commentary
  • NFL RedZone—Live look-ins for Sunday afternoon games

You can see the full NFL schedule here for more info on upcoming games and their TV info.

Looking for info on the 2019 NFL Playoffs? See our dedicated NFL Playoffs streaming guide!

FAQ: Can I stream my local channels online?

Yes, many streaming services today now carry your local broadcast channels, like CBS, FOX, and NBC. Hulu Live offers the most local coverage of all. These channels are very important for NFL fans!

Step 2: Set a Monthly Budget

The average cable bill is now $106 per month. I don’t know about you, but I’m not interested in forking over more than $1,200 a year to the cable company. Add on the cost of internet, and you could be paying closer to $2,000 a year all in. Heck, you could get tickets to home games for your local team at that price.

Here’s the good news: thanks to the new streaming services that have become available in recent years, you can get all the NFL channels (plus all your other favorites) you need for a fraction of the price of cable. I’m saving over $700 a year with my streaming setup that lets me watch NFL online without cable.

With that in mind, you need to set a monthly budget of what you’re willing to pay to be able to stream NFL games. If you want to make sure you have all the channels you need to stream games, you’re looking at around $45-$55 per month. That’s a whole lot cheaper than $106 a month, and the best part is all of these streaming services are contract-free, meaning you pay month to month and can cancel whenever you want. This also means that you could potentially just subscribe for NFL season, and cancel in January.

You can also try any of these streaming services free for a week in most cases. That gives you time to test them out to see which you like most.

Having said that, you may be able to get your NFL fix for even cheaper if you’re willing to do without certain channels. More on that later.

FAQ: How much does it cost to watch NFL without cable?

Prices vary, but to get all the channels you need to stream live games, you can expect to spend around $45/month or a bit more. This is way cheaper than the average cable bill of $106/month, and you can also try these services out for free with a free trial.

Step 3: Choose How You Want to Stream NFL Games

There are numerous ways you can watch NFL without cable. You can stream games live directly to your TV, on your phone, on your tablet, or even on your computer.

I won’t spend too much time talking about how to watch NFL online using your phone, tablet, or computer, because it’s pretty simple. All of the streaming services we’re going to discuss have mobile apps for Apple and Android devices, so once you sign up for whichever service you choose below, you just download the app on your device and you’re good to go. Most allow for streaming on your computer too.

Of course, if you’re like me, you still do the majority of your TV viewing on, well, your TV. I don’t know about you, but when I started looking into how to watch NFL games without cable, it was absolutely essential that I could watch them on my big screen TV.

The good news is it’s very east to stream NFL games on your TV. In fact, if you already watch Netflix on your TV, you probably have what you need to watch NFL games online too.

In order to stream NFL games on your TV, you’ll need either a smart TV that carries the apps of whichever service you choose below, or a streaming player you can connect to your TV – such as Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, or Google Chromecast, to name a few.

Think of a streaming player as your cable box. It connects to your TV and lets you access various streaming apps, like Netflix, Hulu, and the different cable TV alternatives we’re going to discuss below.

Personally, I’ve tried all the different popular streaming players, spending literally thousands of hours testing them all out. While they’re all good, I rank them in the following order in terms of user-friendliness, performance, and app availability:

  • Roku (4, Ultra, Premiere, Streaming Stick are all good choices)
  • Apple TV
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Google Chromecast

There are other choices, like Nvidia Shield or even video game consoles for example, but those 4 above are the most popular and easiest to use for most people. You can see a detailed comparison in our best streaming devices comparison article.

If you already have one of these devices, you’re good to go! Simply sign up for one of the services below, sign into your account on your streaming device, and start streaming! If you don’t have a device, purchase one before signing up for a service. You can also check with the service you’re signing up for; sometimes they run special deals where you can get discounted streaming players during the signup process.

FAQ: Which devices can I watch NFL online with?

You can stream NFL games on smart TVs, any TV with the use of a streaming player (Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, etc), smartphones, tablets, or computers.

Step 4: Pick a Streaming Service

The final, and most important, step is to choose a streaming service that carries the channels you need to watch NFL online while meeting your budget. Below, I’m going to go in-depth detailing all of the different choices you have, explaining their pros and cons, and helping you find the one that’s right for your needs.


Use Hulu with Live TV to Watch Live Football Without Cable

Hulu provides access to most NFL games, plus news, TV shows, on-demand content and more

Top Pick

Hulu with Live TV lets you watch local and national NFL games all season long. Get 7 days free.

Price: $45/month+ (free 7-day trial)

Key Channels Included: ESPN, FOX, NBC, CBS

What’s Missing?: NFL Network, NFL RedZone

Stream These NFL Games: Monday Night Football, Sunday afternoon games on FOX and CBS, Sunday Night Football, Thursday Night Football

App Authentication: WatchESPN, FOX Sports Go, NBC Sports, CBS, CBS Sports

Device Availability: Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, iOS devices, Android devices, web browsers, and more.

Hulu Live offers an excellent way to watch NFL games online without cable. All you need is an internet connection and a device to stream on, and you’ll be able to watch all of your in-market Sunday afternoon games on CBS and FOX, Sunday Night Football on NBC, Monday Night Football on ESPN, and Thursday Night Football on FOX. The only national games you’ll miss are the handful of NFL Network exclusive Thursday Night Football games later this season, which isn’t much at all.

What makes Hulu Live the top choice for NFL coverage in our opinion is that it offers the big local networks (CBS, FOX, and NBC) that air the vast majority of games in more markets than any other streaming service. CBS is available in 139 markets, FOX in 177 markets, and NBC in 145 markets. That’s the vast majority of the country. And if by some small chance you don’t live in one of the markets where Hulu Live carries your locals, you may still watch games airing on those local channels by logging into the FOX Sports Go and CBS apps using your account credentials. However, the trick won’t work for the NBC Sports app.

More Locals Means More NFL Football

Many other streaming services suffer from limited availability of local networks like CBS, FOX, and NBC. This is where Hulu Live sets itself apart, covering more than 600 markets for the 4 big broadcast networks, meaning you can get an NFL live stream in most US cities.

But that’s not the only thing that makes Hulu’s Live service different from every other service. Included in your Hulu Live subscription is complete access to the classic Hulu on-demand streaming library, which is similar to Netflix and is loaded with full libraries of hit TV series, Hulu Originals, movies, and more.

  • $45/month – no contract, no hidden fees, cancel whenever you want
  • 60+ channels, Hulu’s on-demand service, Cloud DVR (record up to 50 hours), and other features included
  • Covers CBS, FOX, and NBC in more markets than any other live streaming service
  • Stream on most devices — Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV, Chromecast, iPhone, iPad, Android, Xbox, and more’
  • Excellent coverage of local sports
  • A great all-around alternative to cable TV
  • Try Hulu Live free for 7 days

You can check out our full Hulu Live TV review for more information.


PlayStation Vue Provides Entertainment for the Whole Family

Watch live football, TV shows and movies – all at the same time, with Vue’s features

Great for Families

With the most simultaneous streams, PlayStation Vue lets everyone in the house watch what they want. Get 5 days free.

Price: $45/month+ (free 5-day trial)

Key Channels Included: ESPN, NFL Network, NFL RedZone FOX, NBC, CBS

What’s Missing?: Live locals (CBS, NBC, FOX) in some markets. Vue has good local channel coverage in general, but not quite as many as Hulu

Stream These NFL Games: Monday Night Football, Sunday afternoon games on FOX and CBS , Sunday Night Football, Thursday Night Football

App Authentication: FOX Sports Go, NBC Sports, WatchESPN, NFL Mobile

Device Availability: Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, PS3/PS4, Android TV, iOS devices, Android devices, web browsers, and more.

Another streaming option for fans is PlayStation Vue. Vue’s service now starts at $45 per month, which includes NBC, FOX, CBS, ESPN and 40+ other great channels. For even more NFL coverage, add-on packages also include NFL Network and NFL Redzone. Vue has great coverage of local channels, as they have been rapidly expanding their local channel coverage. This means that more areas are covered for local teams, making Vue a very good option to stream NFL games live online.

Like the other streaming services mentioned in this article, Vue does let you authenticate the FOX Sports Go, so even if you don’t live in one of the markets that carries FOX, you can login to the app to watch NFL online without cable.

A Great Choice for Large Households


vue action shotOne standout feature for PlayStation Vue is that it allows simultaneous streams on up to 5 devices at once. This means that the whole family can watch what they want, when they want, without interfering with each other. This is more than any other streaming service offers without an additional fee. That makes Vue a great choice for households where there are several people who want to watch their own thing at the same time.

Vue is a great option for sports fans, as well. It offers all the channels that you need to watch NFL, as well as soccer, basketball, baseball and just about every other sport. And of course, you also get news channels, TV shows, and even on-demand!

  • Price starts at $45/month (expect to pay more for NFL Network + NFL RedZone)
  • 5 simultaneous streams is great for families
  • Great coverage for sports fans
  • Big selection of channels for far more than just football coverage
  • Available on most devices – Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Nvidia Shield, phones/tablets, more
  • Try PlayStation Vue free for 5 days

Make sure to check out our Playstation Vue review for more info on this cable TV alternative. Or, start things off with a free 5-day trial to enjoy free NFL streaming for a few days!


Watch NFL Streaming for Cheap with Sling TV

The budget-friendly, flexible option for watching your favorite channels

Budget Friendly

Sling TV’s affordable prices make it a popular choice among cord cutters. Get 7 days free.

Price: $25/month+ (free 7-day trial)

Key Channels Included: ESPN, NFL Network, NFL RedZone, FOX/NBC (limited markets)

What’s Missing?: CBS, NBC/FOX in many areas

Stream These NFL Games: Monday Night Football, Sunday afternoon games on FOX, Sunday Night Football, Thursday Night Football games on FOX/NFL Network

App Authentication: WatchESPN, FOX Sports Go, NBC, NBC Sports, NFL Mobile

Device Availability: Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, Xbox One, AirTV, Android TV, iOS devices, Android devices, web browsers, and more.

Sling TV is another option to watch NFL without cable. Sling offers several channels that will offer live football streaming, including ESPN, NFL RedZone, and NFL Network nationwide, and NBC/FOX in select areas. If you don’t live in one of the markets where Sling TV carries FOX and NBC, you can still watch games airing on FOX by logging into the FOX Sports Go using your account credentials. You’ll also get local/regional FOX Sports networks. That said, the coverage of NBC and FOX are quite a bit more limited than some other options, and CBS isn’t included at all.

Save More with Sling TV

Sling TV has packages starting at $25 a month, and several add-on packages are available which really gives you the ability to build a custom package of channels that fits your interests and your budget. Of course, the more channels you add to your package, the more the price will increase so keep an eye on that when building your bundle.

Here’s what you need to know about Sling TV:

  • Starts at $25/month — no contract, no hidden fees
  • A great choice for those looking to save money
  • A la carte type packages make it easy to build your own channel bundles to create your perfect lineup
  • Combine Orange and Blue base packages for a discounted price of $40 ($50 value) to get their full selection of NFL channels
  • Available on a variety of players, including Roku, Chromecast, Fire TV and Apple TV; many smart TVs; as well as Apple and Android mobile devices.
  • Often, Sling TV offers discounted streaming devices to new users who sign up and prepay for a few months in advance.
  • Cloud DVR can be added for $5 a month to record your shows and events
  • Try Sling TV free for 7 days

To learn more, take a look at our Sling TV review.

Start out with a FREE 7-day trial of Sling TV and enjoy free NFL streaming for a week!


Stream NFL Games Live and Other Sports with fuboTV

The live streaming service built specifically for sports fans

Great for Sports Fans

fuboTV offers sports fans a wide selection of regional, national, and international channels. Get 7 days free.

Price: $54.99/month+ (free 7-day trial)

Key Channels Included: FOX, NBC, CBS, NFL Network, NFL RedZone

What’s Missing?: ESPN

Stream These NFL Games: Sunday afternoon games on FOX and CBS, Sunday Night Football, Thursday Night Football

App Authentication: FOX Sports Go, NBC Sports, NBC, NFL Mobile, CBS

Device Availability: Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, Android TV, iOS devices, Android devices, web browsers, and more.

fuboTV is a streaming service that is primarily meant for sports fans. It offers 90+ channels to watch live, many of which are high quality sports networks. The service offers NBC, CBS, and FOX in many markets as well as NFL Network and NFL RedZone nationwide, so it’s useful for live NFL streaming on Sundays and for Thursday Night Football coverage. It does not offer ESPN, however, so you can’t use it to stream NFL games on Mondays.

Like the other services we’ve discussed, fuboTV only offers FOX, CBS, and NBC in select areas. Coverage is fairly good, but not as widespread as Hulu with Live TV. However, fuboTV also allows authentication with the FOX Sports Go and CBS which expands coverage of these channels beyond normal covered areas. That means you should be able to watch NFL games online airing on those channels in your market regardless of where you live.

The company recently released a statement saying, “With access to nearly every game and on every device, as well as the in-depth, wall-to-wall coverage provided by NFL Network and Red Zone – fuboTV is the unmatched choice for cord-cutting NFL fans.”

More US and International Sports Than Anyone Else

When it comes to sheer volume of live sports coverage, no other service matches fuboTV at this time — this in spite of the fact that fuboTV doesn’t carry ESPN.

  • More regional sports networks than anyone else — FOX Sports regionals, NBC Sports regionals, NESN, MSG, SportsTime Ohio, etc.
  • Huge lineup of international and niche sports channels — One World Sports, Eleven Sports, Primeira Liga TV, Chelseas TV, etc.
  • League channels — NFL Network, NFL RedZone, NBA TV, etc.
  • Plans from $55 per month
  • No contracts — cancel any time
  • Cloud DVR to record your favorite sports and shows (30 hours of storage included; can upgrade to 500 hours for a minor fee)
  • NFL and other live sports have less delay on fuboTV than any other streaming service, so you’re never minutes behind the action like you might be on other streams
  • Stream on practically any device — Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, Fire TV, Nvidia Shield, iPhone/iPad, Android phones/tablets, computers, more
  • Try fuboTV free for 7 days

Read through our fuboTV review to learn more.

You can try out a FREE 7-day trial of fuboTV to enjoy the NFL live stream free for a week!


YouTube TV Lets You Watch Football in Many Local Markets

With ample coverage of major local broadcast networks, YouTube TV gives fans a great way to stream NFL games in their market

Mobile Friendly

YouTube TV offers a wide selection of local channels with many pay-TV favorites. Get 7 days free.

Price: $50/month+ (free 7-day trial)

Key Channels Included: ESPN, FOX, NBC, CBS

What’s Missing?: NFL Network, NFL RedZone, live locals (CBS, NBC, FOX) in some markets

Stream These NFL Games: Monday Night Football, Sunday afternoon games on FOX and CBS , Sunday Night Football, Thursday Night Football games on FOX

App Authentication: FOX Sports Go, NBC Sports, WatchESPN, CBS, CBS Sports

Device Availability: Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, iOS devices, Android devices, web browsers, and more.

We’re all familiar with YouTube, but a lot of people don’t know that the company now offers its own streaming service that’s loaded with local broadcast networks and popular cable TV channels. It’s called YouTube TV, and it’s another great option for watching football online without cable. You’ll get local channels –FOX, NBC, and CBS in many markets, as well as ESPN for Monday Night Football. NFL Network and NFL RedZone are missing, however.

A Great Service That’s Getting Better

youtube tv menu

YouTube TV is the newest streaming service listed in this guide, but while it’s still growing, it has already made remarkable strides in a short time. It’s rapidly expanding, adding channels and improving on itself.

  • $50/month — no contract, cancel any time you wish
  • Great mobile app and on-the-go streaming experience
  • Solid selection of channels for watching most NFL games
  • Lacks some key entertainment channels, like HGTV, Discovery, and Comedy Central
  • Cloud DVR boasts unlimited storage
  • Available on most streaming devices
  • Try YouTube TV free for 7 days

To learn more, make sure you check out our YouTube TV review or try it free for 7 days.

Watch the NFL Live Stream and More with DIRECTV NOW

Big channel packages offer a lot of sports, entertainment, and more

Also Great

DIRECTV NOW offers huge channel packages so you can get all your favorites to watch NFL online. Get 7 days free.

Price: $50/month+ (free 7-day trial)

Key Channels Included: ESPN, FOX, NBC, CBS

What’s Missing?: NFL Network, NFL RedZone, locals (FOX, NBC, CBS) in some markets

Stream These NFL Games: Monday Night Football, Sunday afternoon games on FOX and CBS, Sunday Night Football, some Thursday Night Football

App Authentication: WatchESPN, FOX Sports Go, NBC, NBC Sports, NFL Mobile

Device Availability: Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, iOS devices, Android devices, web browsers, and more

DIRECTV NOW is a streaming service from AT&T that’s a decent way to watch NFL online without cable. It brings many of the benefits of their parent satellite service to users who have or want to cut the cord. No contract is required, and there’s no satellite needed.

DIRECTV NOW starts at just $50 per month for a package of over 45 networks, including ESPN (for Monday Night Football and NFL Draft coverage), ESPN2, FOX, and more. Fans in many markets will have access to live local channels, such as FOX, CBS, and NBC, to stream NFL games live. However, the local market coverage isn’t as expansive as what Hulu TV offers. DIRECTV NOW also does not cover NFL Network any more, although they used to.

Your Favorite Channels and Useful Features

directv now

DIRECTV NOW has a fair selection of channels, although it’s nothing like it used to be. The service had some major changes in early 2019, and it’s no longer as competitive as it once was. Even still, it’s a pretty good option for cord-cutters.

So, to sum up, with DIRECTV NOW you can:

  • Watch ALL Monday Night Football games via ESPN
  • Watch Sunday football games on NBC, FOX, and CBS in many markets
  • Watch Thursday Night Football on FOX (but you’ll miss some NFL Network-hosted games)
  • Watch tons of analytical/news coverage on ESPN, ESPN2, FS1 and other sports networks
  • Watch live news on FOX News and CNN, entertainment on TBS, AMC, HGTV, etc. and much more
  • Enjoy up to 120+ channels, with no contract. You can even add HBO.
  • Try DIRECTV NOW free for 7 days

With DIRECTV NOW, you can watch live football games on streaming devices like Roku and Apple TV, mobile devices, computers, and more! It’s super easy to use, and has a familiar grid-like pattern that will be easy to adapt to for recent cord-cutters. Read our complete review of DIRECTV NOW here to learn more.

Check out the FREE 7-Day trial of DIRECTV NOW to watch NFL online free and see for yourself what this service can offer you.


Watch In-Market NFL Games Free on Your Smartphone via NFL Mobile App

Verizon has relinquished its exclusive rights for mobile streaming 

NFL Mobile App

It used to be that Verizon had exclusive rights to stream games on mobile devices – so AT&T, T-Mobile, and other subscribers were out of luck if they wanted to live stream NFL games on the go. However, as of the 2018 season, this is no longer the case. Anyone can download the NFL Mobile app for free and stream live games to their smartphones and tablets. This will include SNF, MNF, TNF, playoffs, and the Super Bowl. Streams will also be available on Yahoo Sports, in Safari browsers, and Tumblr and AOL apps.

However, there are a few caveats:

  • These are only in-market and nationally broadcast games. So if your favorite team is out-of-market, you may not be able to watch them in some instances.
  • A handful of NFL Network exclusive games may have restrictions.
  • You can only watch on your mobile device, not on your TV. Casting with Chromecast, for example, is disabled.
  • Live streaming uses a ton of data. If you aren’t connected to Wi-Fi, expect data charges to go through the roof.


Other Niche Services for Watching NFL without Cable

While the above streaming services offer fairly complete solutions for watching football online, there are some other options available that you may find useful.


Watch NFL Online with CBS All Access

Get Sunday afternoon football for just a few bucks a month

CBS Live & On-Demand

CBS All Access offers live local CBS plus the full on-demand CBS library of shows. Get 7 days free.

Price: $5.99/month+ (free 7-day trial)

Key Channels Included: CBS

What’s Missing?: ESPN, NFL Network, NBC, FOX

Stream These NFL Games: Sunday afternoon games on CBS

Device Availability: Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, Android TV, PS4, Xbox, iOS devices, Android devices, web browsers, and more.

CBS All Access lets you stream all NFL games airing on the CBS network directly to your device. For only $5.99 a month, you can watch NFL games online without cable. Sure, this just gets you the games airing on CBS, but in many AFC markets, that will let you watch most of your home team’s Sunday afternoon games. This service is really ideal for those who can’t seem to pick up CBS on their antenna to watch football over the air. Check out the CBS TV schedule for NFL games here.

Not only will you be able to stream football games, you will also have access to a huge on-demand library of hit TV shows from CBS, and new shows are available the day after they air.

CBS All Access is available with local live feeds for about 90% of the country, and the streaming area is growing. So you’ll be able to watch NFL online almost everywhere in the USA. It also works with a variety of mobile and streaming devices.

Learn more by checking out our CBS All Access review.

Start with a FREE Trial of CBS All Access to watch the NFL live stream today!


Amazon Prime Now Offers Live NFL Streaming for Some Thursday Night Football Games

Included w/ Prime membership

Amazon Prime Video gives all Prime members access to a robust streaming service. Get 30 days free.

Price: $119/year or $12.99/month (free 30-day trial)

Key Channels Included: Amazon Prime

What’s Missing?: ESPN, NBC, CBS, FOX

Stream These NFL Games: 11 Thursday Night Football games streaming on Prime (FOX simulcast)

Device Availability: Amazon Fire TV, Roku, PS3/PS4, most smart TVs, Xbox One/360, Nintendo Wii/Wii U, Android TV, iOS devices, Android devices, web browsers, and more.

In an interesting deal that first started in the 2017 season and is still going in 2019, online shopping and streaming giant Amazon has partnered with the NFL to stream 11 Thursday Night Football games free to Prime subscribers. It’s another way to watch NFL games online this season. Read more about the partnership here.

You’ll need to be an Amazon Prime member to enjoy the action. If you’re not already, you may want to be (and there’s a free 30-day trial available). Amazon Prime offers a massive on-demand streaming library similar to Netflix, free 2-day shipping on, and tons of other benefits. If you’re someone who shops online, it pays for itself very quickly with the free shipping and other benefits.

See our Amazon Prime review for details.

Try Prime free for 30 days here.


NFL Game Pass Lets You Watch Games On Demand

Watch NFL game replays later the same day

NFL's Official Service

NFL Game Pass offers live out-of-market preseason games and same day replays of regular season action. Get 7 days free.

Price: $99/year or 4 payments of $29.99/month (free 7-day trial)

Stream These NFL Games: Live out-of-market preseason games, every regular season game on demand

Device Availability: Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, PS4, Xbox One, Android TV, iOS devices, Android devices, and more.

Finally, there’s the NFL’s own official streaming service, Game Pass, that lets you watch NFL without cable. NFL Game Pass is $99 for the year (or you can make 4 installment payments of $29.99), and it gives football fans a pretty good bang for the buck. It’s available via the NFL app.

Here’s what you get:

  • Stream live preseason games out of market (in-market games are only available on demand)
  • Get on-demand replays of every NFL regular season game
  • Condensed game replays let you watch a full game in about 45 minutes
  • Additional camera views
  • Deep archive of past Super Bowls, Hard Knocks, A Football Life, and more for binge watching

While Game Pass isn’t for the fan who wants to watch live games on Sundays during the regular season, it is a good deal for hardcore football fans who want to catch up on games throughout the week.

Check out our NFL Game Pass review for more details.

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Live Outside the US? Watch NFL Games Live Online with International Game Pass Services

If you live outside of the USA and want to stream NFL games online, there are international version of NFL Game Pass available to those abroad. Here’s the main difference between Game Pass’ international offerings and Game Pass Domestic — with NFL Game Pass Europe and Game Pass for other parts of the world, you can watch football games live on your devices. In addition to getting an NFL live stream with the international versions of Game Pass, you also get access to all the games on demand, a huge library of games and other football shows, and so much more.

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NFL Streaming Guides by Team

Arizona Cardinals


Los Angeles Chargers


Atlanta Falcons


Los Angeles Rams


Baltimore Ravens


Miami Dolphins


Buffalo Bills


Minnesota Vikings


Carolina Panthers


New England Patriots


Chicago Bears


New Orleans Saints


Cincinnati Bengals


New York Giants


Cleveland Browns


New York Jets


Dallas Cowboys


Oakland Raiders


Denver Broncos


Philadelphia Eagles


Detroit Lions


Pittsburgh Steelers


Green Bay Packers


San Francisco 49ers


Houston Texans


Seattle Seahawks


Indianapolis Colts


Tampa Bay Buccaneers


Jacksonville Jaguars


Tennessee Titans


Kansas City Chiefs


Washington Redskins


That is everything I know about how to watch the NFL live stream without cable. If you have more questions, I’m always here to help. Just hit the contact link up top, or don’t hesitate to ask in the comments below.

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  • Robert Armstrong says:

    Wonderful, informative article. Do any of these options (excluding Direct Now) allow you to watch games that are not in your market? I am a huge Browns fan that lives in Dallas, so rarely get a chance to see them on TV.

  • Jorge Morilla says:

    I Mainly Watch Dolphins Games,Preseason,REgular Season & Postseason Dolphins Games & Superbowls In Tampa & Jacksonville.I Comment on My Selected Games & Pick
    Player of the Game & Preseason Games,Any & all on NFL Network & During the Regular Season,DOLPHINS Games AFC Games & Interconference Games,But It’s Mostly the
    MIAMI DOLPHINS & If It’s Televised Locally,the MIAMI DOLPHINS-Chicago Bears Game on Channel 7 or AT&T:U:1007

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