NFL Live Stream: How to Watch NFL Online without Cable


NFL Live StreamFans of football know that it is notoriously difficult to stream the NFL. Whether you’re a fan of the AFC or NFC, you want to be sure to watch every game live as it happens. And sure, you can go to a sports bar, but sometimes you just want to watch from the comfort of your own home. Wondering how to watch NFL games online? Find out more in our detailed NFL live stream guide.

Now you can watch NFL online a few different ways. Here is our guide to make sure that you can watch every team in the league. We’ll outline all the different live NFL streaming options we know of.


Watch the NFL Live Stream with DIRECTV NOW

DIRECTV NOW is a new streaming service from AT&T. It brings many of the benefits of their parent satellite service to users who have or want to cut the cord. No contract is required, and plans are priced very affordably.

DIRECTV NOW starts at just $35 per month for a package of over 60 networks, including ESPN (for Monday Night Football and NFL Draft coverage), ESPN2, FOX, and more. Fans in select areas will have access to live local channels, such as FOX and NBC, to stream NFL games live. So, to sum up, with DIRECTV NOW you can:

  • Watch ALL Monday Night Football games via ESPN
  • Watch Sunday football games via NBC and FOX (select markets)
  • Watch tons of analytical/news coverage on ESPN, ESPN2, FS1 and other sports networks
  • Watch live news on FOX News and CNN, entertainment on TBS, AMC, HGTV, etc. and much more
  • Enjoy up to 120+ channels, with no contract. You can even add HBO!

With DIRECTV NOW, you can watch live football games on streaming devices like Roku and Apple TV, mobile devices, computers, and more! It’s super easy to use, and has a familiar grid-like pattern that will be easy to adapt to for recent cord-cutters. Read our complete review of DIRECTV NOW here to learn more.

Check out the FREE 7-Day trial of DIRECTV NOW to watch NFL online free and see for yourself what this service can offer you.


Watch NFL Streaming with Sling TV

sling tv

Sling TV is another option to watch NFL without cable. Sling offers several channels that will offer live NFL streaming, including ESPN and NFL Network nationwide, and NBC/FOX in select areas. You’ll also get local/regional FOX Sports networks.

Sling TV has packages starting at $20 a month. It allows multiple simultaneous streams as well, so non-football fans can tune into their favorite shows at the same time. And there are tons of non-sports channels, like AMC, HGTV, TBS, Discovery and more.

Sling TV is available on a variety of players, including Roku and Apple TV. In fact, they offer several promotions on these players when you sign up for service, so check those out for more information – generally, they offer a free streaming device to new users who sign up and prepay for a few months in advance. To learn more, take a look at our Sling TV review.

Start out with a FREE 7-day trial of Sling TV and enjoy free NFL streaming for a week!


Stream NFL Games Live with fuboTV

fuboTV is a streaming service that is primarily meant for sports fans. It offers 60+ channels to watch live, many of which are high quality sports networks. The service offers both NBC and FOX, so it’s useful for live NFL streaming on Sundays. It does not offer ESPN, however, so you can’t use it to stream NFL games on Mondays.

Like the other services we’ve discussed, fuboTV only offers FOX and NBC in select areas. However, it also allows authentication with the FOX Sports Go and NBC Sports apps, which expands coverage of these channels beyond normal covered areas. Read through our fuboTV review to learn more.

You can try out a FREE 7-day trial of fuboTV to enjoy the NFL live stream free for a week!


Watch NFL Games Online with CBS All Access

cbs all access review

Newly announced by the CBS All Access stand-alone app is the ability to stream all NFL games airing on the network. For only $5.99, you can watch NFL games online without cable.

Not only will you be able to stream NFL games, you will also have access to a huge on-demand library, and new shows are available the day after they air.

CBS All Access is available for about 80% of the country, and the streaming area is growing. It also works with a variety of mobile and streaming devices.

Want to know more about CBS All Access? Click here.

Start with a FREE Trial of CBS All Access to watch the NFL live stream today!


Stream NFL Games on PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue reviewFinally, the other streaming option for fans is PlayStation Vue. Like Sling TV and DIRECTV NOW, the networks that air the NFL live stream are available in select cities.

The service starts at $29.99 per month or $39.99 per month in markets with live, local channels. Local channels include NBC, ABC, FOX, and CBS, so you’ll be able to access and stream NFL games that air live. These networks are only available in 7 markets right now, including Miami and Philadelphia.

PlayStation Vue can be streamed on PS3/PS4, iOS and Android devices, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Chromecast. There is no AppleTV support at this time.

Click to read our review of Vue. Or, start things off with a free 5-day trial to enjoy free NFL streaming for a few days!


Amazon Prime Now Offers Live NFL Streaming for 10 Thursday Night Football Games

amazon prime video review

In an interesting new deal, online shopping and streaming giant Amazon has partnered with the NFL to stream 10 Thursday Night Football games free to Prime subscribers. Read more about the partnership here.

You’ll need to be an Amazon Prime member to enjoy the action. If you’re not already, you may want to be (and there’s a free 30-day trial available). Amazon Prime offers a massive on-demand streaming library similar to Netflix, free 2-day shipping on, and tons of other benefits. See our Amazon Prime review for details.


What Channels are NFL Games On?

NFL scheduling is a bit complex, with multiple channels hosting games. Generally speaking, here’s how the breakdown works:

Monday Night Football airs on ESPN. You can very easily watch ESPN online via most of the services listed above, such as DIRECTV NOW (free 7-day trial).

Thursday Night Football airs primarily on NFL Network. You can watch NFL Network online nationwide via Sling TV, which offers a free 7-day trial. Some TNF games will also air on CBS or NBC. Also, new this season, 10 Thursday Night Football games will be hosted by Amazon Prime, which means existing Prime members can watch NFL online free for many games. If you’re not a Prime member, you can try the service out for free for 30 days. See the Thursday Night Football schedule for details.

Sunday Daytime Football airs on either CBS, FOX, or NBC. The CBS live stream can be viewed via CBS All Access (free 7-day trial) and PlayStation Vue in select markets. The FOX live stream and NBC stream can be viewed via many of the services described above, such as DIRECTV NOW or fuboTV.

Sunday Night Football airs on NBC. You can watch NBC online via various services, but only in select markets. We recommend using DIRECTV NOW or fuboTV for these games.

As you can see, it’s definitely possible to watch NFL without cable, and there are various ways to do just that. For all the details, check out the 2017 NFL schedule.


That is everything we know about how to watch the NFL live stream without cable. If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments below.

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