NHL Live Stream: How to Watch NHL Online without Cable

Hockey fans have it made. There are so many great ways to watch the NHL live stream without cable. It is exciting to be able to watch all of the action on the ice when you don’t have to worry about extraordinary cable bills.

If you’re wondering how to cut the cord here is your complete guide to watch NHL online.


Watch The NHL Live Stream on DIRECTV NOW

DIRECTV NOW is a new streaming service that will offer fans access to stream NHL games online in some of their channel packages.

The service offers so much for its pricing structure. The base package starts at $35 per month for over 60 networks. And, at launch, they have a special deal for their 100+ package for the same introductory price, and if you buy while it’s in effect, you are locked in at that rate for as long as you have the package.

Since the service is so new, it is also continuously adding devices and features, so stay tuned for more information. One of the best features is the grid guide that is similar to cable and satellite, which will make the cord cutting switch easy on new users.

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DIRECTV NOW is a streaming solution, so there is no need for a satellite subscription. Start now with a FREE 7-day trial to watch the NHL streaming and see for yourself.


Stream NHL with Sling TV

sling tv

Sling TV is another option for live television streaming, including the ability to watch NHL online and more.

Your best bet is the Sports Extra package, which can be added on to either of Sling TV’s basic offerings for just $5 extra per month. This includes several specialty ESPN networks, allowing fans to stream NHL online without cable. It’s also a great way to watch an NHL Playoffs live stream during the postseason.

Sling TV starts at $20 or $25 per month. It is available on multiple streaming players, and is super accessible across the board.

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To see more, try a FREE 7-day trial of Sling TV and watch the NHL live stream.


Watch NHL Online with PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue review

The third streaming option on the market for a complete cable replacement too, is PlayStation Vue. This service, from Sony, can convert your gaming console into an entertainment hub. You can stream NHL games through several options with the service.

PlayStation Vue starts as low as $29.99 per month, or $39.99 for areas with live, local networks. NBC, ABC, FOX and CBS are all available in 7 U.S. markets including Chicago and New York.

It is available on several devices like your PS3 or PS4, Roku, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, and your Apple or Android devices. There is no Apple TV support right now.

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There are also some restrictions with PlayStation Vue that you need to be aware of. The service is tied to your home location, so you won’t be able to watch NHL streaming live while on the go. Even with the mobile apps, streaming away from home is limited.


Access NHL Streaming Live with NHL Gamecenter

Hockey fans have another great option to watch NHL live stream without cable. NHL GameCenter LIVE is an online streaming service direct from the NHL itself. You can stream all out-of-market games all season long. That is the major drawback, too. It means that if you’re a Redwings fan in Detroit, you can’t watch games with the service. But if you’re a Redwings fan who’s moved to Texas, this is the service for you.

The service provides a live stream, so you can watch right when it airs. But for local games, you can watch on-demand after 48 hours.

You can stream NHL games on GameCenter LIVE with a variety of devices, including your PC or Mac computer, mobile phones and tablets, and devices like Roku, Chromecast, and more. It even works with gaming consoles like PS3 or Xbox 360.

There are several price points. For access to all out-of-market games, you can get the service for $131.49, which is the best value. Or, you can pay for the monthly package at $24.99 a month. Or, if you’d rather just follow one single team, you can get a package for $105.09 per year. Just remember that you will only be able to access a single team if you’re out of market.

That is what we know about how to watch the NHL live stream without cable. If you want to know more, don’t be afraid to ask questions in the comments section. Also, make sure to check out our guide on how to watch sports without cable for more details.

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