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Love is in the air! Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and there’s no better time to kick back and watch your favorite romantic movie on Netflix or Hulu to get in the mood. But did you know your favorite love film could be influenced by where you live?

Using data from Rotten Tomatoes, we compiled a list of the most popular romantic movies of all time. We then teamed up with the expert analysts at Mindnet Analytics and studied Google Trends data to determine which romantic movie each state was most obsessed with relative to other states.


Interesting Finds

  • There are some romantic movies that multiple states are obsessed with, including HerGhostIt Happened One NightSense and SensibilitySilver Linings PlaybookThe African Queen, and Titanic.
  • Some obvious examples of geography aligning with the romantic movie a state was obsessed with include Brokeback Mountain in Wyoming where the movie was set, Jerry Macguire in Arizona (parts of the movie are shot in Arizona), and Pennsylvania’s love of The Philadelphia Story.
  • Overall, Titanic is the most searched for romantic movie in the US
  • New York, Massachusetts, and California are the top three states interested in romantic movies, respectively
  • Mississippi is least concerned with romantic movies, followed by South Carolina and West Virgina
  • Some states/regions showed very little interest in romance movies in general, as you can see by the heat map below:

romantic movie interest across states


The Romantic Movie Each State is Most Obsessed With

If you don’t feel like browsing the map above, here are the findings in list form:

Alabama An Officer and a Gentleman
Alaska Sense and Sensibility
Arizona Jerry Maguire
Arkansas Wuthering Heights
California It Happened One Night
Colorado The African Queen
Connecticut Letter From an Unknown Woman
Delaware Sense and Sensibility
District of Columbia A Room With a View
Florida The African Queen
Georgia Gone With the Wind
Hawaii Stairway to Heaven
Idaho The Princess Bride
Illinois Weekend
Indiana The African Queen
Iowa The Bridges of Madison County
Kansas Manhattan
Kentucky Ghost
Louisiana City Lights
Maine Silver Linings Playbook
Maryland The Umbrellas of Cherbourg
Massachusetts My beautiful Laundrette
Michigan Her
Minnesota It Happened One Night
Mississippi Her
Missouri The Shop Around the Corner
Montana Doctor Zhivago
Nebraska Away From Her
Nevada Ghost
New Hampshire Silver Linings Playbook
New Jersey The Curious Case of benjamin Button
New Mexico The Shape of Water
New York Before Sunrise
North Carolina Dirty Dancing
North Dakota Romeo and Juliet
Ohio Carol
Oklahoma Pretty in Pink
Oregon Say Anything…
Pennsylvania The Philadelphia Story
Rhode island Howards End
South Carolina Punch-Drunk Love
South Dakota 10 Things I Hate About You
Tennessee You’ve Got Mail
Texas Casablanca
Utah Singin’ in the Rain
Vermont Before Midnight
Virginia Amélie
Washington Sleepless in Seattle
West Virginia Titanic
Wisconsin Titanic
Wyoming Brokeback Mountain

States Most Interested in Romantic Movies Ranked

New York 1
Massachusetts 2
California 3
Connecticut 4
Utah 5
Rhode Island 6
Washington 7
District of Columbia 8
Vermont 9
Maine 10
New Jersey 11
Oregon 12
Pennsylvania 13
Maryland 14
Hawaii 15
Illinois 16
Minnesota 17
Arizona 18
Missouri 19
Colorado 20
Indiana 21
New Hampshire 22
Delaware 23
Idaho 24
Ohio 25
Kentucky 26
Michigan 27
Montana 28
Iowa 29
Nevada 30
North Carolina 31
Oklahoma 32
Tennessee 33
Virginia 34
Wisconsin 35
Alaska 36
Kansas 37
Louisiana 38
New Mexico 39
Texas 40
Arkansas 41
Florida 42
Nebraska 43
North Dakota 44
South Dakota 45
Alabama 46
Wyoming 47
Georgia 48
West Virginia 49
South Carolina 50
Mississippi 51

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