New app lets you watch all Netflix content from around the world

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A new desktop app might be the key to unlocking all of Netflix’s content across the globe.

Smartflix is a new app for OS X and Windows that offers an interface made up of every Netflix video available, no matter the region. Because Netflix doesn’t have global licensing rights to all of its movies and TV shows, it blacks out certain content depending on where the streaming service is being used. Netflix in Canada, for instance, will have different offerings than it provides in the U.S. and across Europe.

BGR is reporting that Smartflix should be used at your own risk. It’s still unclear if the service breaks Netflix’s terms of agreement. For those still interested, the site is offering a free, 7-day trial. The price after that is $3.99 per month; an annual subscription is $39.90. You will also need a Netflix subscription.

The example BGR gave was “Better Call Saul,” which is currently not available in the U.S., but is in the U.K.

For now, there is no Smartflix smartphone or tablet app. Desktop users can likely mirror content to a TV using an Apple TV or other streaming box.

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