How to Watch TNT Live Stream Online without Cable

TNT Live StreamTurner Network Television, or TNT, has come a long way since its humble origins as a sister network for TBS. The original idea was to play “spill-over” content like old movies and TV reruns, but today TNT has become a leader in original cable programming. So fans certainly want to know how to keep up with the TNT live stream.

Original dramas and NBA sports coverage (as well as March Madness) are what keeps fans wanting to come back. So if you want to know how to watch TNT without cable, here’s our guide.


Watch the TNT Live Stream on Sling TV

tnt live stream

If you want to watch TNT streaming live, your best option by far is Sling TV. This subscription service is a product of Dish Network that allows users to cut the cord and stream television content online live and on demand.

With Sling TV you can watch the best that TNT has to offer, including:

  • Major Crimes
  • The Last Ship
  • Animal Kingdom
  • The Librarians
  • NBA Playoffs

And plenty more, on one of the most popular networks out there! Being able to watch TNT live without cable is a huge benefit of Sling TV, but it’s far from the only channel offered.

All of this is available on the TNT live stream or some on-demand depending on provider availability. You will also get plenty of other networks that were previously only available with cable. Favorites like HGTV and Food Network will fill all of your cravings for home improvement and cooking competition shows. You’ll also be able to watch hard to find networks like AMC or FX.

Sling TV is affordable, starting at just $20 per month, and there is no contract so you can cancel at any time. It also works with your computer or smart device and any of the most popular streaming players on the market. Most notably, Sling TV often runs special deals like a free Roku device or a discounted Apple TV player, so check them out to see what you can get. You can also start with a free trial of Sling TV to watch TNT without cable and see for yourself.

Here is our review of Sling TV to learn more and a detailed Sling TV channel list to learn more about the service’s overall channel offerings.


Watch TNT Live with the DIRECTV NOW Service

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Do you want another option for getting TNT live? Well, now you have one. DIRECTV NOW is a new streaming service. If you sign up, you won’t need a satellite, box, or any other fancy equipment to get live television. This makes it a great way to watch the TNT live stream.

Here are the major points you’ll want to know:

  • Pricing begins at $35 per month, with TNT included in one of the channel bundles.
  • The first channel package starts at 60 channels. You always have the option to upgrade for more channels, without a contract obligation.
  • If you have tried any of the other best streaming services, but couldn’t get used to how different it was from cable, DIRECTV NOW might be made for you. Their guide is a lot like the cable navigation you are used to, so it shouldn’t be difficult to adjust.
  • This service is simple to set up and begin using. You just have to plug in a streaming player or other internet-connected devices, download the app, and you are ready to watch!
  • You can get your shows on some of the best streaming devices (like Amazon Fire TV) and most mobile devices, including your PC or Mac. Don’t worry about mobile restrictions; there are none at this time. (If you use AT&T for your cell phone provider, you have the added bonus of getting to watch all you want on the DIRECTV NOW app, without it counting against your data usage!)

You can find a free trial here to test out the service for yourself and see if it is a good fit for your situation.

Have a question that wasn’t answered here? Take a look at our DIRECTV NOW review or our detailed breakdown of the DIRECTV NOW Channels List.


Is TNT Available On Demand?

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There are several on-demand services available today like Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and iTunes. Most of these will have streaming content from popular networks usually about a year after they air. Hulu is the only real exception as they sometimes stream current shows within a few days of airing.

However, the availability of your favorite shows will vary. Some may be available, while others will not. Check each service to see what you can find.


Stream TNT Live on PlayStation Vue

tnt live stream

Another option for the TNT live stream is Sony’s PlayStation Vue. It is similar in many ways to Sling TV with a few notable differences. It is more expensive, starting at $30 to $40 per month depending on your location. It also works with fewer devices. And, even though they offer an iOS app, there are restrictions for streaming content away from home.

Here is our PlayStation Vue review. For now, though, we recommend either Sling TV or DIRECTV NOW as better options for the TNT stream.

So, that is what we have for watching TNT without cable. What other questions can we answer for you? Ask below in the comments!

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