How to Watch the Memphis Grizzlies Online without Cable

Watch Memphis Grizzlies Online

The Memphis Grizzlies have one of the most dedicated fan bases in the entire NBA. They love their Grizzlies and hate not being able to watch them play. Thankfully, there’s no need to worry about missing games, even if you cut cable. There are multiple ways to watch Memphis Grizzlies online and you can even watch some games free during the year.

The below guide will go into details on all of the different services you can potentially use to watch Grizzlies games. The best one for you will depend on exactly what you’re looking for, so read one to figure out how you’ll be watching games this year!


One of the Easiest Options to Watch Memphis Grizzlies Online is DIRECTV NOW

Watch Memphis Grizzlies Online

DIRECTV NOW, a streaming service from AT&T, is one of the best ways you can watch a Memphis Grizzlies game live stream. The best part about the service is anyone who is in the broadcast area can watch FOX Sports Tennessee live streaming. This means it’ll be easy to watch Grizzlies game online during the whole season.

You can also watch any nationally broadcast games on ESPN or even other channels like ESPN2, TBS, TNT, NBA TV, or ABC (available to watch as a simulcast on ESPN3 through WatchESPN). All of these options come in the starting package worth $35 per month, which you can learn more about in our DIRECTV NOW review.

You can watch Memphis Grizzlies online free right now by starting a 7-day free trial!


Watch Memphis Grizzlies Online on Sling TV

Watch Memphis Grizzlies Online

Sling TV provides another opportunity to watch Grizzlies game online. The Sling Blue package will be another option to watch FOX Sports Tennessee and it costs $25 per month. Other ways to watch are any national broadcast games on TBS and even the NBA on TNT games on Sling Blue.

The other starting package on Sling TV (review), Sling Orange, costs $20 per month and features some additional options to watch a Memphis Grizzlies game live stream. You can watch games aired on ESPN, ESPN2, TBS, TNT, and ABC (on ESPN3). Plus, you can add the Sports Extra add-on package to either subscription for $5 more per month to get games on NBA TV as well.

If you want to try out the service, start a 7-day free trial and watch a Memphis Grizzlies game streaming free. Also, you can always sign up for the Sling Orange + Sling Blue package, which includes all of the aforementioned channels and costs $40 per month. But, before signing up check out the deals on streaming devices, like Roku, offered to monthly subscribers.


Streaming Service PlayStation Vue Lets You Watch Memphis Grizzlies Online

Watch Memphis Grizzlies Online

Sony’s streaming service, PlayStation Vue, is another way to watch Memphis Grizzles online. The service costs $29.99 per month and will be helpful to watch national broadcast games on ESPN, ESPN2, TBS, TNT, NBA TV, and ESPN3 (ABC simulcasts on WatchESPN).

You can find out more in our PlayStation Vue review, but we should mention there are sometimes streaming blackouts. Certain channels may get blocked if you’re streaming outside your home, but it’s tough to predict which ones and when. Still, it’s a great option for most to watch a Memphis Grizzlies game live stream.

One More Way to Watch Memphis Grizzlies Online is NBA League Pass

Watch Memphis Grizzlies Online

NBA League Pass will be an option for some to watch Grizzlies game online. There are blackouts on the service, so you can’t watch the games if you’re in the Grizzlies broadcast area. But, if you’re not in the area you can watch every game live streaming. Our NBA League Pass review goes into more detail on the service.

Our NBA streaming guide will give you more information if you want to watch any other teams this year. Also, we put together a full sports guide for cable cutters to help sports fans cut the cord.

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