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If you’re clamoring to find out who the World Series Champions will be, you’re not alone. Before we get to that point though, we need to watch the MLB Playoffs streaming in their entirety. It all begins with the Wild Card Selections, which moves us into the actual MLB Playoffs games, and finally the World Series. Keep reading and we’ll discuss all of the ways you can watch MLB Playoffs online.

Are you looking for a way to watch the MLB Playoffs without cable? It’s possible to get the MLB Playoffs live stream, so it’s just a matter of finding out where the games are airing and where to get those channels. Luckily, it’s a lot easier than it used to be – keep reading to learn how to stream MLB Playoffs games this season.


Hulu Live Offers MLB Streaming All Season Long

Get every in-market regular season game and most postseason games 


Hulu Live is a baseball streaming powerhouse. For $40 a month, fans can sign up and get live access to more than 50 channels. That includes ESPN, FOX, FS1, and TBS, all of which are vital for baseball fans. And where Hulu really shines is in its coverage of local channels and regional sports networks. Regional sports networks carry the bulk of regular-season MLB games, although they’re less important for playoffs. Regardless, the point is this: Hulu is your best bet for regular season and postseason streaming all in one!


More Local Sports, More Epic Entertainment

Hulu certainly shines when it comes to local sports – but it doesn’t stop there. Subscribers also enjoy over 50 great TV stations, ranging from news networks like FOX News and CNN to entertainment channels like Comedy Central and AMC. Plus, as if that weren’t enough, you’ll also get access to a HUGE on-demand library of TV shows, movies and a lot more!

  • Just $40 a month
  • A great MLB Playoffs streaming solution
  • Also the a great way to watch regular season MLB games online
  • Tons of live and on-demand entertainment
  • Tons of local sports coverage, news and more

Try Hulu Live free for 7 days if you want to test things out. You can also read our Hulu review for further details.


Watch MLB Playoffs Online + a Lot More with DIRECTV NOW

Enjoy endless entertainment with over 125 channels to choose from


DIRECTV NOW offers all of the channels you need to watch the MLB Playoffs live stream. Plans start from $40 a month (although you’ll need to $55/mo package to get MLB Network), and you don’t need to sign a contract or commit long-term. The service works on all your favorite devices, from streaming players to smart TVs and even mobile devices.


Endless Entertainment for the Whole Family

directv now

Depending on the package you choose, you will get between 65 and 125+ channels. That’s a whole lot of selection! The service covers all the networks you’ll need for MLB Playoffs streaming, and tons more!

  • Starts from $40 a month
  • No contract, no commitment, no hidden fees
  • Watch on all your favorite devices
  • Watch the MLB Playoff game live stream for every game of the season

All you need to do to try out DIRECTV NOW for yourself is sign up for the free DIRECTV NOW 7-day trial. You can look for added information in our DIRECTV NOW review, as well.


YouTube TV Lets You Watch MLB Playoffs Without Cable TV

A new service with broad coverage of local and national sports – plus much more!

YouTube TV ReviewYouTube TV is a fast-growing new service from Google that aims to be a complete cable replacement. For $40 a month (with no contract) subscribers get 50+ channels to stream live. There’s also a cloud DVR feature with unlimited storage, so you could potentially record MLB Playoffs games to watch later. As for channels, YouTube TV covers everything you need for Playoffs action: FS1, FOX, ESPN, MLB Network, and TBS.


A Great Service That’s Getting Even Better

youtube tv menu

YouTube TV is the “new kid on the block”, so it’s got some room to grow. It’s a great service as-is, but it is missing a few popular entertainment channels, like Food Network and HGTV. But when it comes to sports, the service has things dialed in!

To learn more, make sure you check out our YouTube TV review or try it free for 7 days.


Stream the MLB Playoffs and Tons of Other Sports on fuboTV

fuboTV offers a service tailored to the needs of sports fans

fuboTV is available for $45 each month and you’ll get over 75 channels. When it comes to watching the MLB Playoffs live stream, fuboTV offers FS1, FOX, and TBS. You can watch MLB Playoffs online with Roku, Chromecast, mobile devices, and more. You can find a complete list of channels, device compatibility and more in our fuboTV review.


Built with Sports Fans in Mind

As you can see from the channel list, fuboTV is certainly sports-focused. Out of the 75+ networks, the bulk are sports networks – but there are still plenty of news stations, entertainment channels, and more.

  • Over 75 networks for $45/mo
  • Wide channel variety, with a focus on sports
  • Get all the channels you need for MLB Playoffs streaming, except for MLB Network
  • Works on all your devices

Don’t forget to sign up for your opportunity to watch fuboTV free for a week. All new members receive one week free. This allows you to test the service and decide if you’re happy enough to continue paying for it. It’s also worth noting that fuboTV is currently running a special where if you prepay two months, yo can get them at $35/month, so $10 off each month.


Sling TV Offers the MLB Playoffs Live Stream for Cheap

Subscribers can save money with Sling TV’s rock-bottom pricing

Sling TV Review

Sling TV offers affordable basic packages with 20-40 channels in them, for just $25 a month. It’s a good option for baseball playoffs streaming because it offers FS1, FOX (select markets), and TBS. Additional channel packs can be added for a small monthly fee, starting at $5/month. With Sling, you can watch MLB Playoffs online with Roku, Xbox, mobile devices, Apple TV, and more!


Save Money and Get the Channels You Want

One advantage of Sling TV is that it offers very affordable base packages, and then plenty of options to expand selection. This makes it easier to get the channels you actually want, and not pay for a bunch that you don’t use.

  • Plans from $25 a month
  • Watch live baseball and lots more on all your devices
  • No contract or commitment
  • Sports, news, entertainment and more

A one-week free trial is available for new subscribers. You can find other special offers here, as well. Make sure to check out our Sling TV review if you have any questions.


Stream the Playoffs and Entertain the Whole Family with PS Vue

The only service to allow up to 5 streams at once keeps the whole family entertained

PlayStation Vue start at $45/month, so it’s a bit pricier than the competition. That said, all the channels you need for MLB Playoffs streaming are available via Vue, so it’s a good choice for baseball fans. A cloud-based DVR is included with your package so you can record games and watch MLB Playoffs replays at your convenience. You can watch MLB Playoffs online with mobile devices, PS3/PS4, Amazon Fire TV, and more.


Live TV for the Whole Family

playstation vue action shot

With Vue, the whole family can watch at the same time, with the freedom to watch different channels on different devices. Up to 5 simultaneous streams are allowed, so Dad can watch MLB Playoffs without cable while the kids catch up on cartoons.

  • Plans from $45/mo
  • No commitment or contract, just pay month to month
  • Ideal for larger households
  • Covers all the channels needed for Playoffs action

There’s a five-day trial available if you’re curious about PS Vue. You can also visit our PlayStation Vue review to learn more.


What Channel is the MLB Playoffs On?

The MLB Playoffs aren’t just streaming on one channel. Depending on the game you can watch them on TBS, FOX, FS1, MLB Network, and potentially ESPN. Check out the MLB Playoffs schedule for details. FOX will also air the World Series. If you’re curious about any of the services listed, check out the reviews we’ve written and consider signing up for the free trial!

Hopefully your team is doing well and you’re ready to watch MLB Playoffs online. If not, leave us a comment with any questions you may have!

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