How to Watch Monday Night Football Online without Cable

Watch Monday Night Football Online

Ahh, Monday’s – I’m torn. On one hand, it’s back to work – YUCK. On the other, it’s football – WOO! Whether you get the Monday Blues or not, it’s always nice to know that there’s a MNF game waiting when you come home. And now, it’s possible to get a Monday Night Football live stream using online streaming services!

So, can you watch Monday Night Football without cable? You sure can! It’s actually quite easy this season, due to a number of competing live streaming services that are now available. For the best ways to watch MNF online, check out the guide below.


Watch Monday Night Football Online with DIRECTV NOW


DIRECTV NOW is a great way to watch Monday Night Football games online. The service offers an easy and affordable way to watch live TV without a cable subscription. Its plans start at $35 a month, and do NOT require a contract. It’s an online streaming service, meaning you just need internet to use it (no cable required).

ESPN streaming, and therefore Monday Night Football streaming, is included in the basic package from DIRECTV NOW. You’ll also get tons of other useful networks, like AMC, CNN, FOX News, TNT, TBS, and much more. DIRECTV NOW also offers NBC and FOX in some markets, as well as regional sports networks – so it’s a great way to watch football in general, and not just the MNF stream! The full channel list can be found in our DIRECTV NOW review.

You’ll need a compatible device to use DIRECTV NOW. Mot devices work, including Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, and even mobile devices and computers. If you’re interested in testing out the service, you can try a free 7-day trial and get the MNF live stream free while you’re at it!


Get the Monday Night Football Live Stream on Sling TV

Sling TV will provide another great way to stream Monday Night Football online this season. Like DIRECTV NOW, Sling TV works over the internet, bringing you 30+ channels to watch live. Prices start from only $20 a month, with no contract required.

ESPN is included, so that means it’s easy to watch MNF online with Sling TV. On top of that, you’ll get CNN, AMC, TBS, TNT, and much, much more. Other NFL-streaming networks, like FOX and NBC, are also available in some areas, as are regional sports networks. See our Sling TV review for all the details.

Sling offers great deals on devices for folks who need a streaming device. The service is compatible with smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, computers and streaming devices like Roku and Apple TV.

Interested in testing out the service? Try a free 7-day trial today and watch Monday Night Football online free for a week!


Watch Monday Night Football Games On-Demand via NFL Game Pass


NFL Game Pass is an official streaming service of the NFL. It offers on-demand streaming of all regular season games. This is NOT a method to get the Monday Night Football live stream, as live streaming is not available – but, if you don’t mind waiting until after the games finishes, you can get the on-demand replay using NFL Game Pass.

This service runs $99 per year, with no contract, and works on most streaming devices. There’s a free trial available for new customers. Game Pass is a viable way to watch Monday Night Football online every week, provided you don’t mind waiting a few hours to catch the game. You can learn more in our NFL Game Pass review.


Watch MNF Online via PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue is a similar service that will also be useful for the Monday Night Football live stream. With plans from $30 a month, it’s an affordable and accessible option. At least 45+ channels are included, with ESPN in the basic lineup.

With Vue, you can watch Monday Night Football online every week, plus catch other live football coverage, live news, your favorite TV shows, and more. To learn more, check out our PS Vue review – or, go ahead and get started with a FREE 5-day trial!


What Channel is Monday Night Football On?

Looking for the MNF channel? Monday Night Football is now hosted each week by ESPN, on the main ESPN Network. You can get the ESPN live stream from a service like DIRECTV NOW, which offers a free 7-day trial. You can also use any of the other services discussed above. For the Monday Night Football schedule, check here.

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