How to Watch USC Football Online Without Cable

Watch USC Football Online All Trojans fans can watch USC football online, even if you decided to cut your cable subscription. The games will be nationally broadcast on both ESPN and FOX networks. Believe it or not, you’ll actually have several options to watch each USC Trojans game live stream. Multiple streaming services offer ESPN and FOX channels streaming and the ones we’ll highlight below even included regional sports networks in certain areas. The below guide will give you all the details you need to know to watch USC football without cable. Read on to get set up for the whole season!  

You Can Watch USC Football Online Without Cable On DIRECTV NOW

Watch USC Football Online DIRECTV NOW lets you watch the USC game online on ESPN and FOX networks. Numerous channels from each network are included on the service, which has a starting price of $35 per month. The DIRECTV NOW channel list includes over 100 channels across its numerous packages. This makes it a great choice to replace cable without having to miss your favorite programming. You can watch your USC Trojans game live stream on your tablet, phone, computer, or you can use a streaming player to watch on the big screen. If you want to watch USC online free, you can start DIRECTV NOW’s 7-day trial.  

FuboTV Will Also Let You Watch USC Football Online

Watch USC Football Online FuboTV is well known as a sports-first streaming service and it’ll let you watch USC football without cable. The service starts at $35 per month, which includes more than 40 channels and a free cloud DVR. On fuboTV, you’ll be able to watch the USC game online on one of several FOX networks. You can get more details on the full service by heading to our fuboTV review. This is also another great option to watch USC football online free during fuboTV’s own weeklong trial.  

AT&T’s Sling TV Lets You Watch USC Football Online

Watch USC Football Online Sling TV is a good way to watch USC football online without cable alongside several other popular cable channels. You can watch on FOX networks, which are included in the “Sling Blue” package, or ESPN networks in the “Sling Orange” package. “Sling Blue” costs $25 per month and “Sling Orange” costs $20 per month. The ideal package might be the “Sling Orange + Sling Blue” package that costs $40 per month. This’ll be your way to watch USC football online during all their big games. You can subscribe right now and get some great deals on streaming players from Sling TV. Or, you can start a weeklong free trial to give the service a test run. We’ve also got a Sling TV review that’ll answer any of your remaining questions!  

PlayStation Vue – Another Streaming Service to Watch USC Football Online

Watch USC Football Online PlayStation Vue is another popular cable channel streaming service and will let you watch the USC game online.  The beginning price is $40 per month and all packages will include channels from both FOX and ESPN. Plus, you get a cloud DVR with 28 days of free storage. Check out the Vue channel package to see everything you can stream on the service. You can also use Vue’s 5-day free trial as another way to watch USC online free!   We put together a full guide to help you watch college football without cable. Check it out to learn all you need to know! You can also get details on streaming other sports in our full sports guide!

Matt Pelletier

Matt Pelletier

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